Fast diet.

Fast diet.

Diets that work. Lose weight fast.

Fast diet is needed when urged on certain circumstances. Quite often it happens that just a fun event will take place in a few days on the beach or on the contrary, to be of any reception (official), but the dress (or a swimsuit), in any did not want to hook you.

After that we get on the scales and see immediately should lose weight — you need a quick diet. But is it possible to get rid of excess weight so quickly? Everything is possible, should not be upset. We will tell you what is fast diet and how to successfully lose weight in a few days.

Fast diet.

often it happens in the case of fixed-term weight loss, so that losing weight is not the places on the body that we want to reduce. For example, we want thinner thighs, and instead of them we actually «blown off» the breast.

This happens for the reason that fat is always easier to burn it where it has the lowest density. Thus, in the case of sudden weight loss initially come from fat of your face, then losing weight your breasts, buttocks after, and only as a last resort will exquisite thighs and significantly reduce your belly.

Fast diet to lose weight. Several variants.

Diets are important components for quick weight loss.
If you do not have, you know, it’s impossible. Just do not starve, it is very harmful.

Instead, we offer you this option as a quick diet.

Fast diet first option. For three days you eat only boiled chicken. Thus a fairly small portion of the chicken, only 600 grams throughout the day.

Divide it into three pieces and eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Drink fast diet allows only plain water.

Fast diet the second option. This fast diet is designed just for a few days.
For breakfast, eat one egg and drink a glass of tea without sugar.

At noon you can eat 150 grams (non-fat) cheese and a cup of yogurt or vegetable juice. Good cucumber, carrot, squash or pumpkin juice.

The afternoon tea — 150 grams of boiled fish or meat. Meat: chicken, rabbit, turkey. From fish — hake, sole and other varieties of fish with a low fat content. In addition, you can eat salad without salt, season with lemon juice.

Fast diet will give a side effect, and on the third day you do not want to fish, or meat — simply «in the throat does not climb.»

Then you can change the meat to 150 grams of cherries or strawberries.
Dinner replace glass infusion of soothing herbs.

Fast diet, option three, actor, designed this rapid diet for four days. Can only eat cooked rice (without the use of salt and sugar as well), and a tomato juice drink.

Boiled rice is very unpleasant to the taste and with a very high-calorie. So, for all his desire, you can not eat too much. On the last day of fast diet allows a bottle of wine to drink throughout the day. Pleasant ending, is not it?

Fast diet.

Fast diet, the fourth option. This fast diet is good for those who have strong and healthy stomach. Breakfast: a glass of water + five drops of lemon juice + one tablespoon of honey.

This «nectar» should quickly accept, and after 10-15 minutes you can have a drink unsweetened coffee or tea. Lunch provides a fast diet: boiled meat with vegetables.

All the products prepared without the use of salt and sugar. And the volume eaten dinner, you should not be more than 500 grams. Agree, this is a normal amount.

But dinner just a fantastic meal: we must take 200 grams of cabbage and cook for 20 minutes in a small volume of water (water is required so that the cabbage was only lightly covered and not swimming).

When the cabbage is cooked, you need to drain the broth and cabbage drink is not! If bedtime unbearably you want to eat, you should drink a glass of buttermilk (fat-free). To sustain such a diet very difficult to fast, but the result is impressive: you can get rid of 5 kg in just four days.


Fast diet.

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