Fat burning soup with chicken breast.

Fat burning soup with chicken breast.

The concept of beauty of the female body is closely related to impeccable health. And naturally, the lack of excess weight. Poultry meat with vegetables is ideal for body shaping. Easy fat burning soup with chicken breast «Your diet.» It has high nutritional value. Helps get rid of hunger and overeating.

Traditional chicken soup for weight loss.

Dietary properties of the first dish.

The undeniable benefit of chicken fillet is low fat content and low calorie content. It is authentically known that the caloric content of a 100-gram portion of this product is about 110 kcal. Note that there is no cholesterol in this meat.

At the same time, the first chicken-based dish is filled with an extensive range of substances useful to the human body. These are vitamins, amino acids, minerals.

Medicinal properties of chicken soup.

A delicious dish of chicken breast is called «Your diet.» But can be used as a weight loss. So for the restoration of health, prevention of gastrointestinal diseases. It is believed that the nutrition of such food contributes to the successful treatment of ulcers, gastritis. The nutrition system, where there are light first courses with chicken meat, strengthens the immune system.

How to cook and eat chicken?

We recommend consuming chicken breast along with vegetables. Always eat small portions in the diet. Remember that poultry meat is used only in diets without diets.

The fact is that the skin of chickens contains fats. It is possible and substances introduced by the bird injection method for weight gain carcass. It should be noted that diet meals should not contain salt. In extreme cases, they are salted a little. To improve the taste of dishes, use soy sauce.

Diet recipes should not contain fried foods. Only steamed food. To the diet was as effective as possible, you must adhere to the correct drinking regimen. It is to drink about 2 liters of pure water daily.

Proper diet means consuming 4 medium servings of chicken soup per day. Other dishes should be minimized or excluded.

Duration of chicken broth diet.

It is advisable to eat chicken soup for 5 days. For all those wishing to implement the prevention of gastrointestinal diseases. Create protection against excess weight in the future. It is permissible to extend the power system for 2 weeks.

Recipe for chicken fat burning soup.

Description and proportions of ingredients diet soup.

We present to your attention a brief overview of the products. Which all together form a delicious fat burning soup with chicken breast «Your diet.»

Chicken bouillon.

Chicken broth is indispensable for fighting obesity and suppressing hyperapetite. Improves digestion. It has a low calorie. Well acts on the gastric mucosa. An arbitrary volume of purified water is taken as the liquid base.

Chicken fillet.

Chicken fillet is a high-quality and affordable source of valuable protein, contributing to the preservation of muscle mass and the rapid normalization of the figure (one whole chicken breast, freed from the skin) will go into the soup.


Carrot is rich in coarse dietary fibers, gives a feeling of satiety, provides the body with a lot of vitamins, microelements, and is well suited for diets (2 carrots are required for soup).


Potatoes — a safe source of starch, the optimal product for the diet, has many vitamins, perfectly saturates (only 1 potato is needed).


Onions — a low-calorie cleansing product that helps to get rid of excess fat, remove harmful substances (half of the onion is put in the soup).


Cabbage — Kohlrabi variety contains a range of useful minerals, contains vitamins important for health, is welcomed by nutritionists, is safe for weight loss, is used in reputable food systems (Kohlrabi cabbage is taken in the amount of 300 grams).

Green parsley.

Parsley — normalizes fat metabolism, helps suppress hunger, removes harmful substances, speeds up metabolism (a bunch of fresh greens is needed).

Dill herbs

Dill — also has a hunger-reducing effect, helps to cleanse the intestines, prevents the creation of excess fat layer (prepare an average bunch of dill).


Garlic — helps break down fats, is known as a plant fat burner (put the desired amount of garlic in the soup).


Tomato is a powerful source of valuable vitamin A, a low-calorie product that supports carbohydrate balance (3 tomatoes are enough).


Black pepper is a useful ground condiment for diet soup, it has a positive effect on metabolism.

Green basil.

Fresh or dry basil — predisposes to the removal of excess liquid, harmoniously combined with garlic, supports fat burning (you can put any amount of basil in the dish).

The process of cooking diet chicken soup.

First boil the breast in water. It is allowed to add a minimum amount of salt. Put the meat. Cut the products, namely potatoes, carrots, kohlrabi, tomatoes, onions, put all this in broth, continue cooking for about 25 minutes. Season with garlic, parsley, dill, pepper, basil. Dish cook another 10 minutes, then stop heating, and at the end put the chopped fillet.

Completely safe diet with chicken breast helps to quickly saturate and improve well-being. Judging by the reviews of real people, I manage to lose weight by 5-7 kilograms.


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