Fat loss diet.

Diet on porridge — for a healthy diet and weight loss.

Fat loss diet. Fastest way to lose weight.

Diet on porridge is one of the easiest to comply with, safe on Effects of effective performance and cheap price. Fat loss diet.

Despite the fact that for most of the Slavs preferred nourishing, fatty meat and cereal, fruit or vegetable porridge also has a pleasant taste. She will surely enjoy not only children, but many people, especially those who adhere to a healthy diet, or simply want to lose weight.

Diet on porridge can lead to significant weight loss — up to 5 kg per week. This weight loss is harmless to the body, because it is due to cleaning and get rid of toxins, but not by burning body fat reserves.

Diet on porridge — the recommendations and restrictions.

Fat loss diet. A useful feature of oatmeal is its gentle and enveloping effect on the stomach wall. And because such a diet will be useful for people suffering from gastro-intestinal diseases, and will get rid of toxins.

However, on oatmeal diet is not for everyone, and this should be taken into account if you decide to lose weight with it. Not recommended use of oatmeal to people with kidney and heart failure, infectious diseases, suffering from constipation. Also on oatmeal diet does not fit athletes, because they may have a protein deficiency.

Diet on porridge — the preparatory stage.

Before proceeding directly to the very diet, you need to prepare and purify the body. Within 1-3 days should eat congee, which is prepared as follows: 4 tbsp. rice spoon zaley 1 liter of water and leave overnight. Then boil it on low heat for 1 hour to jelly consistency. Drink the broth and water in addition to nothing is used for 5 hours. Then you can return to normal diet.

Diet on porridge — the selection and preparation.

When a diet uses natural oatmeal, porridge and not fast food with a variety of food additives.

For the preparation you need to boiling water to pour cereal and cook for 5-10 minutes, stirring occasionally. You can cook porridge with the expectation of 1-2 days, and store it in the refrigerator.

Even better and more useful not to cook, and zaparivat oatmeal with boiling water — so they retain more nutrients.

Diet on porridge — permissible products and restrictions.

The basis of the diet on porridge diet should be porridge. The essence of the diet on porridge is to avoid the sweet, starchy foods and fatty foods in the diet.

However, oatmeal diet does not mean that you should eat only oatmeal and eliminate from the diet of other useful products. In contrast, the combination and alternation during the day with porridge oat loaves and biscuits, muesli, milk, kefir, yogurt, vegetables, herbs, legumes and fruit variety to your menu, saturate the body with essential substances and will bring him benefit.

If you wish to lose weight, keep in mind that an effective diet to oatmeal does not contain butter and vegetable oil. They can be replaced with low-fat yogurt or yogurt.

Various spices and fuel the appetite. To improve the taste of porridge, you can add a little cinnamon in it.

Do not add sugar to the oatmeal and jam. As a sweetener, you can use honey and dried fruits: apricots, prunes, figs. But it is better to add the taste of fresh fruit, such as apples, oranges, plums, pears, and others. The exceptions are bananas, melons and grapes.

During the day you need to drink enough water — 1.5-2 l. You can also drink green tea and freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices to 500 ml — tomato, carrot, apple, orange.

The maximum number of oatmeal a day — 600 g for 5-6 meals. Dinner should be no later than 3 hours before bedtime.

Diet on porridge — timeline.

Do not abuse the mono-diet and oatmeal diet is precisely this type of diet. Diet during this period of time is not quite balanced, so it is not recommended for more than a week. And out of the oatmeal diet, returning to a familiar food, should also gradually.

Repeat course of diet on porridge can be no earlier than six months.


Fat loss diet.

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