Fatigue should be treated.

Fatigue should be treated.

Fatigue should be treated. Fatigue can be twofold: a person is simply tired — he will rest, get enough sleep, and as if he is gone; or so tired that no matter how you rest, no matter how much sleep you scold, the weakness does not go away.

This can be compared to elastic and plastic deformations of a material: when the elastic, after removing the force, the shape of the object returns to its original state; and with plastic deformation, irreversible traces of impact remain.

Doctors in the West have long diagnosed «chronic fatigue syndrome», this is one of the diseases — such as, for example, tonsillitis — and requires extensive treatment. In recent years, our doctors have increasingly begun to write a previously unknown phrase in outpatient records.

But since it is a disease, it makes sense to know what it is. Moreover, the times have come when many are forced to work in large quantities, regardless of health. When a modern workaholic finally decides to go on vacation to get some rest, it may turn out that the desired rest, despite the efforts made, does not come.

Fatigue should be treated.

Subjectively, the patient himself may suspect chronic fatigue, if even prolonged sleep does not relieve him of headaches, bad mood, dissatisfaction with himself, irritability. More objective symptoms of the disease are as follows:

• Sleep disorders are observed: either difficulty falling asleep, or regular waking up earlier than natural.

• Emotional instability manifests itself in irritability, unmotivated breakdowns on loved ones.

• Frequent dizziness and / or headaches.

• Double vision, flies or other form of eye fatigue caused by narrowing of small blood vessels due to nerve spasms.

• Increased heartbeat, tachycardia.

• Numbness in the fingers.

Secondary symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome can be muscle hardening in the collar zone, as well as in the interscapular region (often in schoolchildren and students, in children who seriously play musical instruments, in a word, in everyone who sits in a tense state for a long time and does not know how to relax in time ), hyperemia of the eyeballs — redness or yellowing (in people classified by the Tibetan classification as the constitutional type of bile), special tension in the pads of the fingers (according to the Korean teachings of Su Jok, they correspond to the head), hardening of the calf muscles and buttocks (especially in those who in his youth he went in for sports).

If tension in the body accumulates day by day, and a person does not give the body rest, fatigue, which goes off scale, affects the work of individual organs, primarily the heart, pancreas, liver and kidneys.

An overload of the pancreas leads to the fact that proteins are not fully broken down and fats and glucose are oxidized. Because of this, excess lactic, pyruvic and oxalic-acetic acids are formed.

These are slags, or internal poisons, which do not allow the body to receive the carbon dioxide, water and energy it needs with the proper breakdown of food for the life of the body.

Due to inadequate liver function, age spots appear on the face and other parts of the body, papillomas, which, in essence, can be interpreted as signs of premature aging. Pigmented spots indicate stagnation of blood flow.

Trouble with the eyes can also be provoked by trouble with the liver: it is not for nothing that in Tibetan medicine it is believed that the eyes are a reflection of the liver. Headaches and irritability are also often the result of poor liver function.

Fatigue should be treated.

The kidneys are affected when a person experiences fear. It doesn’t matter what: fear of death or loss of loved ones, fear of superiors or nervousness before exams. «The hormone of fear» — adrenaline causes vasospasm, which most painfully hit the kidneys, and also lead a person to hypertension.

The heart in chronic fatigue syndrome manifests itself as palpitations and outbreaks of sweating.

If chronic fatigue is not treated, like any advanced disease, it will begin to provoke secondary, sometimes more serious diseases.

The consequences can be as follows: against the background of a decrease in immunity with fatigue — infectious diseases, including viral (acute respiratory infections, tonsillitis), as well as male (prostatitis) and female (fibroids), in old age, the development of Parkinson’s disease is very likely, in children if they are excessive load and not treat fatigue syndrome, schizophrenia may develop, and even — due to spasms of the cerebral vessels — epilepsy.

And so I hope there is no more doubt: the chronic fatigue syndrome must be treated.

First of all, you should relieve tension from the collar zone, fingers, calf muscles. This is achieved with massage. The area of ​​the neck and upper back of the person should be massaged by someone from the family.

It’s good if you master the vacuum back massage. To do this, they take one or two medical banks, which have always been used for colds or coughs, and in recent years, in obedience to Western fashion, for some reason they abandoned them, unreasonably afraid that blood vessels might burst — well, small vessels will burst, and nothing terrible.

So, you need to rub your back with vegetable oil, put one or two jars and carefully drag them up and down your back for 5-10 minutes. 9-11 sessions in a day or two — and there will be no trace of tension in the collar zone.

A person can massage the fingers on their own: with the thumb and forefinger of one hand, each finger of the other separately.

In this case, it is necessary to ensure that the pulling movements of the active fingers are directed «away from oneself,» that is, from the palm to the fingertips. Then you can twist your hands into a lock and make a crunch.

Auricle massage is very useful, in the area of ​​which 140 biologically active points are located. It can be produced one to three times a day.

During this massage, plug the ear entrances with your index fingers, twist your fingers once or twice, then pull them out sharply — you will hear a resounding clap. Such an effect once a day will relieve you of sulfur congestion, blowing through which at the doctor’s ear, nose and throat sometimes causes considerable discomfort.

You can also massage your calf muscles yourself. Facial massage is the usual «washing» movements. It must be remembered that we wash our face not only for the sake of cleanliness, but in many respects for the sake of massage: after all, only the YAN meridians are concentrated on the face, that is, high-energy (by the way, this is why the face does not freeze even with a little frost, when all other parts of the body are freezing ).

Head massage (against headaches) is performed independently, scratching the scalp and tapping the head for half a minute to a minute with the tips of your fingers or knuckles. There is no need to be afraid: a person will not harm himself.

The massage effect on the so-called points of the fighting spirit is extremely effective. It is quite easy to find them on the body: mentally outline the contour of the left shoulder blade; along the right vertical edge of the scapula, at an equal distance from each other, there are four points of fighting spirit.

You can press on them with a plastic pen, pencil, even your thumb, walk from top to bottom 3-4 times, just let someone from the family, even a child, do it. After such a very short massage, you will immediately feel a surge of energy.

And here are some simple exercises to relieve fatigue. Tilt your head low, touching your chin to your chest and slowly, with tension, shake your head from side to side.

Now with tension, tilt your head back, right, left. Raise your right shoulder as much as possible without changing the position of the left. Now, on the contrary: raise the left, leaving the right in place. Lift both shoulders with tension, then relax your torso.

Pull both feet towards you, then pull out your socks. This several times. These exercises are good after sleep to get into the rhythm of wakefulness.

Treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome requires strengthening immunity, for which I recommend drinking adaptogens: ginseng, eleutherococcus, lemongrass, zamanihu, pantacrine — any of them to choose from, you can buy them at a pharmacy, the dosage and dosage regimen are indicated on the package.

The golden root can serve as a variant of the adapto gene. Its tincture is prepared as follows: grind 50 grams, pour vodka into a bottle, wrap it with a thick cloth and put it in a dark place for two weeks, remembering to shake it daily. Drink in the morning or in the morning, 10-15 minutes before meals, one teaspoon for a month.

Even when the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome have disappeared, and you can congratulate yourself on your success, you must not forget about prevention: all chronic diseases are unpleasant in that they tend to come back.

Prevention consists in a reasonable combination of work and rest: if chronic fatigue has already occurred, you will have to forget about workaholism for the sake of a career or earnings. Swimming in the pool is helpful — at least once a week.

Daytime sleep is very desirable, especially for people over 60 years old. If work does not allow you to arrange an hour’s sleep, try to relax for at least 10-15 minutes after lunch.

Prevention, of course, is needed before the onset of a chronic illness, although few people think about it until the thunder has struck. However, a healthy lifestyle is the prevention of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Fatigue should be treated.

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