Fatty liver treatment.

Tansy treats the liver.

Fatty liver treatment.

My son got jaundice. We underwent a long course of treatment. Doctors said that problems with the liver can remain with the child for life. It is necessary to observe a special diet. Fatty liver treatment.

While the child is small, food can still be controlled. But what to do when he grows up? Yes, and I did not want to deprive him of the joy of delicious food. I started looking for the means to bring his liver to normal.

Fatty liver treatment.

On my eyes I got here such a recipe:
2-3 Tansy buns put in a half-liter jar. Pour boiling water. Wrap and insist for at least 2 hours. I insisted from evening till morning. Drank my child for 3 teaspoons of infusion for half an hour before a meal.

The medicine is bitter, so I had to persuade. I even began to drink infusion with my son.
As a result, not only the liver corrected her son, but also got rid of her own gastritis. I advise all people who have had hepatitis, to try a course of treatment with infusion of tansy. Simple, inexpensive, but the result is quite real.

• I highly recommend this method of cleaning the liver and kidneys. Brew the green tea (1 teaspoon per 0.5 cup boiling water). Add 1 dess. spoon of soy sauce. Drink daily at the same time.

Grandma’s cleaning.

I want to tell my grandmother about the recipe. As a simple affordable means to clean the liver.

For this, immerse in water 300 g of aspen bark. Boil 20 minutes (water should only cover the bark). Remove from heat. Insist 12 hours, wrap it well. Take a decoction in the morning and in the evening for 50 g before eating.

Keep the broth in the refrigerator, but drink it should be warm. Bark of aspen can be dried for future use. Prepare it in the early spring. The tree should be 20 cm in diameter and not high, in your height with an outstretched arm. Clean the liver, and the whole body will immediately become purer.


Fatty liver treatment.

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