Fees for prostatitis.

Fees for prostatitis.

1. Connect the leaves of common hazel, birch, green horsetail (one part). Four large spoons are taken. In a liter of moisture boil for about nine minutes. An hour is allowed to stand. Drink with exacerbation in the second part of the cup three times.

2. Combine the leaves of birch and lingonberry, Valerian root, parsley and horsetail grass, dioica nettle. 22 g of the collection are boiled for several minutes in 300 ml of water. Settled to cool. Take for the treatment of chronic prostatitis 55 ml three times.

3. Fifteen minutes in 1.5 pails of liquid, boil 22 g of the collection obtained after mixing the leaves of wintergreen, celandine, bearberry, St. John’s wort, motherwort, plantain and juniper fruits. Take 65 ml twice, if you need to cure chronic prostatitis.

4. Equally connected are the greens of celandine and plantain, the leaves of pear and parsley fruits of juniper. Several small spoons of the mixture are boiled for ten minutes in two cups of moisture. After settling for half an hour, therapy is started — in half a cup three times.

5. They take equally the leaves of pear, the color of the drugstore chamomile, the buds of black poplar, the wormwood herb, the pulp and parsley, the chicory rhizome and the rose hips. 300 ml of water is poured into 18 g of the mixture. Boil for 8 minutes. Drink with exacerbation of the disease in a cup twice.

6. Equally connected by the leaves of burdock and plantain. A tablespoon of grass in 350 ml of water is boiled for about 15 minutes. After injecting a glass of grated carrots and let stand for several hours. Filtered. They drink the broth in two glasses four times.

Fees for prostatitis.

7. Equally mixed green tea, cardamom, ginger root and cinnamon. A glass of the mixture is poured with a bowl of water and boiled for 27 minutes. Drink warm in three glasses four times to suppress congestive prostatitis.

8. For the treatment of chronic prostatitis, the following collection is suitable: 10 g of chandra grass, medicinal sweet clover, hazel leaves, hawthorn color, tenor, Veronica, 20 g of steel rhizomes, cinquefoil, 12 g of ash leaves and 8 g of gold rod. A large spoonful of mix in half a liter of moisture is boiled for 13 minutes. Allow to stand until cool and decant the liquid. Accepted four times.

9. 10 g each collect the color of cornflower and licorice root bare. Add 30 g of bearberry leaves. Ten grams of the mix are taken and boiled in a mug of water for fifteen minutes. After decantation, the moisture volume is adjusted to the original. Drink a couple of large spoons four times before meals.

10. Pour a handful of carrot slurry and several chopped figs to two liters of water. Boil for half an hour. Filter and add peeled raisins in the size of a handful. Boil again for half an hour. After decantation, add a pinch of cane sugar. Drink ¼ cup three times.

11. To a large spoonful of walnut leaves add a small spoonful of dry chaga. Five minutes boil in 0.4 ml of water. Use 13 ml three times before meals.


Fees for prostatitis.

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