Fertility treatments.

For women and men.

Fertility treatments.

There are purely male diseases, there are only women.
But often from different diseases one result is a loss of sexual power and even infertility.

However, we are quite able to cope with this.
And help in this is capable, first of all, of plantain.

Chinese folk medicine, for example, recommends decoction of psyllium seeds to both men and women in the event of sexual problems.

It is especially useful during the treatment to take medicinal baths: 50 g of roots and leaves of plantain insist 40 minutes in a liter of boiling water, drain, pour into a bath, the water in which should reach 36-37 °.
The bath can be taken at any time of the day, for 15 days each season — in autumn, winter, spring.

By the way, menopause in men and women, women’s heavy menstrual bleeding, accompanied by pain, bad mood, depression, are also regulated by decoction of seeds.

They say that the chrysanthemum, which is in the bedroom, has a healing effect with its smell. But chrysanthemums without a smell do not have a curative effect, in them only beauty is curative. However, when infertility, before you find out in whom the cause of this problem in the family, admire the chrysanthemums.

Maybe you will not have to look for the culprit of this situation, if you fall in love and learn to love with care the chrysanthemums and your loved ones.


Fertility treatments.

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