Fitness for the eyes.

Fitness for the eyes.

Mandatory exercises for those who work at the computer.

Paying due attention to the different muscles of your body, do not forget about some muscles, the health and strength of which does not affect your figure, but this is not less important. One of these «problem zones» is the eye muscles.

The bright light of office lamps, monitors of TVs and computers, constant voltage to read small inscriptions — all this is a great stress for our eyes. They begin to get tired quickly, get sick, eyesight falls, and sometimes even diseases can develop. Avoid the harmful effects of daily stress and a little «Unload» the eyes will help simple charging.

Do not be surprised, by the way, the connection between the eyes and the muscles. To narrow your eyes and focus on a particular object, for example, you strain the eye muscle, not the eyeball. To follow something with a look is the same. Therefore, we must relax and tonify the muscular system of our soul mirror.

So, a few exercises for eyeball.

Fitness for the eyes.

Exercise number 1.

Close your eyes, relaxing as much as possible. For the best effect, you can sit like that for a minute, and then, without lifting the eyelids, start describing the eight with the eyeballs. Repeat 10 times in each direction.

Exercise number 2.

This exercise is to change the focus of the view. It’s good to do it, for example, at the window. Select on the glass object — a cracks, a speck, etc., and carefully look at it. Then look at the distant object behind the glass, but look in the same direction. Changing the «Range» of vision changes the tension of the eye muscles, which is also useful for the eyes.

Exercise number 3.

Now take in the hand a pen or any other small object (pencil, lip gloss, etc.) and look at his tip. Without looking away, watch him, while slowly taking the object away from you — at arm’s length, then approaching — to the tip of the nose. Repeat 5-7 times.

Exercise number 4.

Doing this exercise, do not forget to breathe properly. So, take a deep breath and squeeze your eyes tight. Mentally imagine how the tension of your eyelids smoothly flows into the tension of the muscles of the face, whiskey, head and neck. Exhaling, open your eyes sharply, opening them wider, as if greatly surprised by something. Do this exercise 5 times.

Exercise number 5.

Without moving your head, look straight ahead for a couple of seconds. Then translate the view as if you are going to look into the lower left corner of the eye. Hold in this corner for 2-3 seconds. Slowly look in the upper right corner. Then look in the upper left. Hold and there, and finally — in the lower right. Try to «Look» as deeply as possible and more attentively. Let your eyes rest for a couple of minutes. Repeat the exercise. But already in the reverse order.

Exercise number 6.

Select any object at a distance of about 30 cm from yourself. Focus your eyes on it. After looking at it carefully for 5 seconds. Close one eye.
Counting off another 5 seconds. Open this eye. Close the second one, again for the same time.

Exercise number 7.

This exercise is most suitable for those who do not have the opportunity to spend time on the previous six. Or he works in the office under the close supervision of his colleagues. In order not to frighten your comrades with zealous blinking and «protrusion» of the eyes, just imagine that a butterfly is flying around the room. «Catch» her eyes. Watch how she flits — smoothly, from side to side, up and down, then closer, then away from you. Even if your colleagues notice the strange movements of your eyes, they will probably write it off because you were just dreaming.

«Moving» the eyes to relieve muscle tension can be anything. As another option. Imagine a big beautiful watch. And keep an eye on the second hand. You can remove fatigue, quickly and often blinking.
Take care of your vision. Take care of the eyes — the mirror of the soul must be in excellent shape. To better reflect all the beautiful things that are hidden in your soul.


Fitness for the eyes.

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