Flu remedies: honey we stop the flu.

Flu remedies: honey we stop the flu.

Flu remedies — in our family, medical recipes using honey are passed down from generation to generation. It is very difficult to find such an ailment that natural honey from honey would not help. I want to talk about how you can fight the flu, a well-known disease.

Recipes for fighting the flu.

Recipes for fighting the flu are many, and using honey including. I decided to write one of the most effective.
You need to take a tablespoon of honey, dog rose, currant and raspberries. Pour all this with a liter of boiling water, soak 15 minutes.

Drink the composition 3 times a day, half a cup before meals. Relief comes almost immediately, the disease not only passes easily, without complications and relapses, but the time of its course is much reduced.

We have been using this tool for more than a dozen years and have never regretted it.

And in case you do not have the opportunity to get any component for such a composition, there is another effective method. It is necessary to mix finely grated garlic and natural honey in equal amounts.

Use the mixture for the night, with water.
And let the diseases leave you!

Let’s forget about the common cold.

I want to share with everyone who has catarrhal diseases, my prescription. 12 years ago a cold just chased me in summer and winter, there was a nightmare. In the year I was sick for 8 months, but once I read in a magazine that one woman has not had colds for 16 years.

The recipe is very simple:

1 PC. Of the middle lemon finely chopped, 1 small head of garlic is also finely chopped (can be squeezed through the garlick), pour 0.5 liters of cold boiled water.

Drink from October to May: adults — a tablespoon, children — a teaspoon. Drink every day. In the evening to do, and in the morning to drink. I also add a spoonful of honey so that it is not so unpleasant to drink.

Keep in the refrigerator with the lid tightly closed.
Can you believe me? For 12 years no one in my family is ill not only with colds, but the flu does not take us. And the children are so used, they themselves ask to add tea.

So I wish everyone good health. Use this compound, and you will forget about the common cold.


Flu remedies

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