Flu season.

Autumn, winter, wind, frost, disease.

Flu season.

Autumn, winter, wind, frost, disease. All these words — synonyms for most people. But in the dank, autumn and winter, you can not get sick, and get the maximum out of life. flu season.

British scientists have, for example, for protection against colds offer a traditional English «five o’clock tea» with lemon and chocolate biscuit.

Flu season.

This will increase the daily intake of vitamin C — The main fighter with all kinds of ARI. In addition, recent medical research proves: lemon cake and tea causes the body to lower the adrenaline in the blood.

This sends a tea party «Relaxing» signals to the brain, which duplicates the rest of the team
This «tasty medicine» is useful to those people whose work involves with constant stress, substantially exhausting the immune system.

Flu season.

The British insist that the cakes should be covered by it dark chocolate, as compared with the milk, it contains less fat, calories and cholesterol harmful to the heart and blood vessels.

Chronic bronchitis is receding, if the patient will perform a simple exercise:
5-6 times a day for 5-10 minutes is necessary to blow on a candle, located at a distance of 1-1.5 m from its mouth. If the candle is extinguished, it does not re-ignite, but they continue to blow with the same force, for example, to put a pencil instead.

A sore throat folk healers of earlier times were treated as follows: filled the empty shell of a walnut crushed garlic and put it on 20 minutes into the recess between the thumb and index finger on the other hand, by which inflamed tonsil. You can simply attach to this place a clove of garlic in a piece of matter, but the effect, according to traditional healers, will be significantly weaker.

The problem — a runny nose?

The Maker (scoop) into boiling water to pour in 0.5 cups of apple cider vinegar and sheltered do inhalation. Or put cotton wool soaked in honey, and hold for 10 minutes, first in one nostril, then the other.


Flu season.

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