Folk methods for ulcers.

Folk methods for ulcers.


Along with taking a number of folk remedies, with a peptic ulcer of the digestive system, you need to adhere to a special diet. Her diet is as follows:

wheat bread and crackers;

vegetable and milk cereal soups;

dairy products are exclusively natural and without additives;
steamed or boiled meat (it is better to choose veal, chicken and beef);

fish is allowed in the form of perch, pike and pike perch (preferably steamed or preferred meatballs);

useful beets, carrots, zucchini, pumpkin; fruits are not tough;

the berries are exceptionally sweet;

recommended cereals are buckwheat, oatmeal, and barley. Porridge should not be too thick.

Alcohol is strictly prohibited, as are all kinds of sauces and marinades.


An unconventional method is used to relieve an attack of acute pain. The hot iron is quenched five times in water. After that, they drink this water in a mug in the morning and afternoon.

Pork fat

It is considered an effective tool in the fight against stomach ulcers and esophagus. Use 1 tbsp. l on an empty stomach in the morning for several months.

Folk methods for ulcers.

Baked onion

When the gastric mucosa needs treatment, they use such a folk remedy: the onion is peeled and baked in the oven. Eat in the morning on an empty stomach. Repeat the procedure in the evening after dinner. The course continues for several weeks. If necessary, repeat after 10 days.


To permanently forget about wounds in the mouth, you should chew the green leaves of basil or peppermint every day for several weeks.

Green apples

Inflamed wounds on the duodenum and stomach are treated with green apple gruel. 2 apples are ground on a fine grater, after peeling. Eat right away. For a couple of hours, you should refrain from any food. It is better to have a session in the morning. The therapy lasts two months.

Stone oil

Stone oil has an antiseptic and healing effect. Use inside in the form of an aqueous solution — five grams of oil per three liters of water. A single dose is a glass. Perform three approaches per day. Treatment should continue until the disease disappears.


To permanently rid yourself of the symptoms characteristic of a stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer, you should eat a couple of grams of turmeric powder for several months.
Treatment cannot be started during an exacerbation.


If the disease has formed on the gum, tongue, or lip, the use of an ice cube is indicated. It is applied to a place requiring treatment twice a day. Also for the same purpose, you can drink ice water as often as possible.

Therapeutic mixture

In a water bath, the mass is heated, which includes taken in 1 tbsp. l.: honey, cow’s butter, medical alcohol, 3 drops of iodine. Use on an empty stomach the entire volume. Treatment lasts a month.

Honey milk

A stomach ulcer can be treated with a simple remedy — milk with honey. Prepared as follows: a tablespoon of the beekeeping product is poured into a glass of hot milk. Drink when cooled, divided into three servings. After several days of such therapy, pain disappears, nausea disappears. Regular intake helps to restore the affected mucosa.

Honey rescue

A kilogram of dried apricots, raisins and walnuts, half a kilogram of peeled lemons are passed through a meat grinder. All mix well and inject a liter of honey. Folk remedy is placed in a glass container and stored in the refrigerator. A treat is useful for ulcerative lesions of the digestive system. Dose — three tbsp. l in a day. The course is a month.

Medical alcohol

One of the most effective methods of treating an ulcer is alcohol intake. Use it once a day for 1 tbsp. l., seizing a piece of unsalted pork lard. The course of treatment lasts thirty days.

Folk methods for ulcers.

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