Folk methods from a fungus.

Folk methods from a fungus.

The available tools are actively used in getting rid of various types of disease. Traditional healers offer a number of the most effective.


Chlorine bleach aggressively affects the causative agent of the disease. Treat affected skin and nails no more than two times in twenty-four hours.


A disinfectant is used to get rid of onychomycosis. Shoes cannot be worn or worn after application — the product must be absorbed. The approximate duration of the course is a month. Treated in the mornings and evenings.


Cotton fabric (about 8 cm) is rolled up into a tube and set on fire. When half burns, they extinguish. Smoke fumigates the legs with dermatomycosis on the lower leg. After seven treatments, recovery comes.

Glue BF

Proponents of alternative medicine strongly recommend using BF glue to lubricate infected skin areas. The course is one and a half weeks. Use once a day.

Healing balm

Intended for bowel treatment. To 10 tbsp. l four chopped onions add honey, the juice of one orange and lemon. Use four times 15 ml, continuing the course for a month. A gruel made from grated carrots and chopped garlic has a similar effect. After use, it is not recommended to eat and drink for 1 hour.
To get rid of intestinal candidiasis as soon as possible, you should daily use a remedy from a glass of homemade yogurt and several chopped cloves of garlic. If garlic is not to your taste, horseradish is allowed. The tool is also suitable for rinsing the oral cavity in the presence of fungal lesions on the tongue.

Folk methods from a fungus.

Ointment Yam

The drug is intended for the treatment of animals, but at home it is recommended for getting rid of onychomycosis. Apply ointment to a pre-steamed plate in the mornings and evenings, lasting three weeks. Fix on top with a band-aid.


If candida is observed in the oral cavity, it is recommended that the mucous membrane be treated with honey. Pre beekeeping product diluted 1:10 with water.
Before treatment, you should make sure that there is no allergic reaction to honey.


It is considered effective in the fight against infection of the bronchi and lungs. Take three weeks twice a day. Dose — 1 g tablet, dissolved in a dessert spoon of water.

Folk «shampoo»

If the fungus affects the scalp, instead of the usual shampoo for a month, it is indicated to use an infusion of ordinary tansy — 15 g per 400 ml. Similarly, lemon peels can be used. They are removed from four lemons, chopped and boiled for a couple of minutes on low heat.
As a rinse suitable infusion of nettle dioecious — 4 tbsp. l per liter of boiling water. Rinse hair every other day until relief. If nettle is not at hand, it is recommended to prepare a similar remedy from onion peels. On a liter of water there is a husk with five bulbs.

Rust converter

Folk remedy contains phosphoric acid, effectively affecting the fungus. You can buy a converter in the auto parts salon. To process nails is shown no more than twice a day.
This treatment is extremely dangerous, since getting on the skin causes a severe burn.
Similarly, adherents of alternative medicine call for the use of kerosene.


Oil vasoconstrictor drops are used to treat onychomycosis, lubricating the affected areas as often as possible. It also makes sense to use a remedy for healing the body. The antiseptic substances contained in the drops aggressively affect the pathogen.

Washing powder

The alkali compound, which is a laundry detergent, stops the development of the fungus. Daily baths for the limbs, lasting no more than ten minutes, will help eliminate the disease (epidermophytosis, onychomycosis) and forget about it forever. Two gallons of water account for 100 g of powder. Heals ten days.


An agent intended for other purposes is often used in the treatment of skin lesions and onychomycosis. It is enough just to drip on the affected area all day, and the next morning the manifestations of the disease promise to disappear.

Folk methods from a fungus.


If the candida has got inside the body, it is indicated to perform inhalations using gruel from onions, steamed sage grass and a few drops of eucalyptus oil. The components are not mixed, but used separately, alternating as often as possible. Sessions are performed twice for ten minutes before treatment.


The medicine is designed to combat excessive sweating. Its effect is well known for the discomfort in shoes. For the treatment of onychomycosis and dermatomycosis, the drug is used at least, noting its high effectiveness in the initial stages of the disease. Apply the product using a cotton pad, gently rubbing. Processing is performed in the evening. They are treated for at least a month and a half, repeating three times.

Folk methods from a fungus.

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