Folk methods from a sore throat.

Folk methods from a sore throat.

To the question of how to treat sore throat at home, representatives of alternative medicine refer to a number of folk recipes.


Connect two tablespoons of mustard seed powder and the same number of chamomile flowers, 1 tbsp. l rosemary leaves. The mixture is poured with three circles of boiling water and squeezed out after fifteen minutes. Add the finished folk remedy to the bath at a temperature of 38 degrees.

The procedure is carried out for fifteen minutes, repeating every evening for two weeks. Connoisseurs of alternative treatment claim that this method helps to combat any form and severity of tonsillitis, effectively eliminating symptoms and increasing the body’s resistance.

If the slightest increase in body temperature is observed, the procedure can seriously harm health.


High efficiency in the treatment of tonsillitis in adults is given red wine. Based on it, drinks are prepared that eliminate the symptoms of the pathological condition and bring recovery closer.

Half a liter of red strong wine is put on fire, twenty grams of calendula are introduced and brought to a boil. Filter. Drink hot for seven days. A single dose is half a cup. Repeat twice on an empty stomach.

Half a kilogram of fresh leaves of plantain is passed through a meat grinder and squeezed. The resulting juice is combined with heated red wine in an amount of 300 ml. Drink a quarter cup every two hours for ten days.


As soon as a person begins to feel the approach of a sore throat, you need to place a decoration with aquamarine or agate on the body.

Healing cream

Connect a tablespoon of instant coffee, a similar amount of yogurt without additives, five cloves of garlic (previously passed through a press), two tbsp. l honey and corn flour. It turns out homemade thick cream, which is applied to the throat area three times a day.

Folk methods from a sore throat.


At the first symptoms of the disease, you need to start eating lemon. It is cut into small slices and consumed throughout the day, chewing and holding in your mouth for as long as possible. In this case, the lemon does not need to be peeled.


Persian folk healers treat tonsillitis in an unusual way. The patient should bring a large frog close to his mouth and breathe on it for several minutes. The frog’s heart begins to beat faster. After making several jumps, she dies, and the person recovers.

The prescription does not inspire confidence in the representatives of official medicine. Its effectiveness is unlikely.

Honey Yeast Blend

To a teaspoon of dried yeast add a teaspoon of flour, 1 tbsp. l water and half a dessert spoon of granulated sugar. As soon as the yeast comes up, 200 ml of honey is injected. For a day sent to a warm place. After that, take a teaspoon every hour. Helps in the treatment of various types of tonsillitis, including follicular and lacunar.


At the first signs of the disease and severe inflammation of the tonsils at home, cellular honey quickly helps. It should be chewed for several hours. After nothing to eat or drink for an hour. According to folk healers, the remedy is very effective.

Mongolian recipe

According to the statements of the Mongolian doctors, thanks to the prescription, it is possible to get rid of the disease in four hours. Take a glass of water and half the amount — caraway seeds. Fifteen minutes boil and filter. Готов cup of water is added to the finished broth and again sent to the fire. After boiling set aside. Add a glass of brandy. Take a «medicine» every half hour for 10 ml.


0.3 g of mummy is placed under the tongue. Withstand until completely dissolved. Wash down with warm milk and go to bed. Treatment is indicated to continue until recovery.


When acute sore throat occurs, folk healers recommend taking freshly squeezed onion juice — a small spoon three times a day. There is another method of treatment: spread onion gruel on a saucer and inhale the vapors by mouth for ten minutes. Repeat three times a day.

Garlic juice

Speaking about how to get rid of a sore throat without medication, folk doctors suggest that at the initial stage, start taking freshly squeezed garlic juice. The daily dose is three teaspoons. Usually they are divided into several methods.
There is another recommendation — put in your mouth half a clove of garlic and hold for as long as possible.

The sun

For the treatment of chronic sore throat, they turn to the power of the sun. Every day for eight minutes, the patient should sit against his light with his mouth wide open. Eyes may be squeezed. Penetration into the throat of sunlight helps to get rid of pain, inflammation and other manifestations of tonsillitis more quickly. Treatment does not stop for three weeks.

Folk methods from a sore throat.

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