Folk remedies for diabetes.

Folk remedies for diabetes.

Milk porridge

Milk and parsnip help to treat high sugar levels, on the basis of which tasty and sweet cereal is cooked. Milk is taken half a liter. While boiling, grate 100 g of parsnip root. Pour into boiling milk and boil for about three minutes. It is recommended to use porridge as breakfast. Treatment is performed for six days, repeating after six months.


Mummy helps to lower blood sugar. No less effective substance in case of impaired renal function. Use this way: a piece of mummy (half a pea size) is dissolved in half a cup of liquid and drunk on an empty stomach in the morning. In the evening, the procedure is repeated. Treatment is continued for about ten days, repeating after a week’s break.

Hydrogen peroxide

The use of peroxide (3%) is justified in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. Every day for ten days, drink a couple of drops, dissolving in 50 ml of moisture. Accepted exclusively on an empty stomach.

Quail eggs

For six months in the morning on an empty stomach, you should drink from 3 to 6 quail eggs for those who are diagnosed with an insulin-dependent type of disease.

You should not eat more than five eggs a day. In addition, you need to remember about precautions if eggs are eaten raw (we are talking about salmonellosis).


Propolis treatment is warranted with type 2 disease. The dosage regimen is as follows: chew the propolis the size of a small grain and swallow it several hours before eating. Repeat up to four doses per day.

No less effective folk remedy — propolis tincture with royal jelly. Add 20 drops of tincture (preparation described above) to 100 ml of water. 10 mg of royal jelly is sent there. Repeat treatment three times a day.

Propolis is also used to treat wounds. Grind 30 g of beekeeping product, combine with 200 g of melted butter. Mix and set aside for twenty minutes. After filtering. The resulting ointment is stored in the refrigerator, using as necessary for applying compresses or as lotions.


In ancient times, diabetes was treated with a drink consisting of homemade yogurt and grated horseradish. The ingredients are taken in a ratio of ten to one. Use three times for 1 tbsp. l Treatment is indicated until the unpleasant symptoms disappear.

No less effective recipe with buckwheat. Grits are roasted and ground in a coffee grinder. Dissolve 1 tbsp. l powder in a glass of yogurt, leaving overnight. In the morning, the resulting drink is used instead of breakfast.

Sugar and non-sugar disease is treated with pollen. Three times a day use half a teaspoon. The course continues for a month. After a ten-day break, repeat.

Folk remedies for diabetes.

Tea mushroom

Kombucha helps to improve the general well-being of the patient. The washed mushroom is placed at the bottom of a three-liter glass container and poured with two liters of cooled tea, in which honey was previously dissolved. The container is covered with gauze and placed for a week in a place hidden from the sun. Drink a drink of 120 ml every four hours. Treatment does not stop for three months.

Another way to cope with the manifestations of the disease in an adult, also recommended by the elderly, is to use milk mushroom. It is laid at the bottom of a glass container (1 tsp) and poured with cool milk (250 ml). Defend the day. Drink ½ cup at night. Therapy lasts ten days.


Wild garlic helps to normalize pressure, which is especially important if hypertension is observed. A salad is made from it. Combine 100 g wild garlic with a similar amount of cucumber and 70 g green onions. All components are finely chopped. Season salad with olive oil. Use twice a day in portions. Treatment lasts at least a month.


In the treatment of the disease of the second type, garlic helps. Use a couple of cloves daily. Therapy of this plan is suitable for getting rid of the symptoms of the disease in women and in adult men. The recommendation is suitable if you need to get rid of acetone in the urine.


In the treatment of wounds characteristic of diabetics, fresh leaves of celandine are used. They are steamed with boiling water and applied to the affected areas, after which the compress is fixed with a bandage. Leave for one hour. Change twice a day until cured.

Wounds can also be treated with celandine and burdock decoction. The first component is taken 20 g, the second 30 g. Add 100 ml of sunflower oil and heat the mixture for fifteen minutes in a steam bath. Wounds are treated three times a day.

Folk remedies for diabetes.

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