Folk remedies for male power

Folk remedies for male power.

Natural ed cures.

Increase the potency of infusions from such plants: white lily, narcissus, birdwort, black-calf, artichoke seed, watercress seeds, cucumber grass, celery, parsnip, thyme creeping. Folk remedies for male power.

It is recommended to eat chocolate, soft-boiled eggs, almonds, wine, tea, coffee, Sorochin millet, crayfish, raspberries, peppers, ginger, fish milk, oysters. Eat dry seeds of ripe cucumbers, powdered. Do not wear tight underwear.
Normalize the activity of the sex glands of men and women, the extract of the porcine spleen — solkosplen, female and cow’s milk.

Stimulate the sexual function.

People’s means of increasing male potency are considered also tinctures of garlic and onions.
A popular means for male sexual impotence is burnt badger fat.

Of course, with age, years take their, and every healthy person gradually runs out of physical, mental and sexual power.
Nevertheless, there are many examples of how people’s experience allows you to return to normal sexual life the most hopeless patients.

Gymnastics for vessels.

The Russian doctor P.M. Kurennov recommends contrasting mini-baths for the treatment of sexual impotence. They spend the evening before bedtime.

To do this, poured water 2 pelvis: one hot, the other cold (hot water 40.5-41.5 ° C, cold — 21 ° C).
In these basins, you must sit alternately in one or the other, lasting exactly 1 minute.
Transplant from the pelvis into the pelvis follows from 10 to 12 times.

Contrast baths can be replaced with contrasting for the perineal area of ​​the shower (this is a local gymnastics for the pelvic blood vessels).
When impotence is recommended, steam baths and sunbathing until 11 am.

Bee products from sexual weakness.

• Take 2.5-5 g of bee pollen per day. The daily allowance is divided into 2 doses with 1 teaspoon of honey — on an empty stomach in the morning and in the evening, not later than 16 hours, t. Pollen tones the body and can make it difficult to fall asleep.

• Mix honey with royal jelly 100: 1 and use 1 tsp 2-3 times a day.

Strengthening and tonic means — ground kernels of a walnut in half with honey. Take this mixture for 1 tbsp. Spoon 2 times a day.


Folk remedies for male power.

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