For dry skin.

For dry skin.

Types and composition of masks for dry skin.

The main objectives of these products are nutrition and hydration. Bonuses can be radiance, a slight brightening effect.
Facial masks can be cream or tissue masks.


The most common and favorite format: a fabric or hydrogel base soaked in cream or gel formula with slits for eyes, nose and mouth, sometimes with a chin section or ear loops.

Such things are well fixed on the face and are very convenient: you don’t have to distribute anything on the face, glue them on — and while it works, do household chores or read a book.

The main components of moisturizing tissue masks:

hyaluronic acid;
aloe juice;
Cucumber extract.

According to the instructions, tissue masks are applied for 20-25 minutes, in fact — it is not forbidden to wait until the composition is absorbed into the skin.

Do not wash off the rest of the product, but gently rub into the skin with gentle massaging movements — so you do not need any cream after the procedure.


This product came to us from Asia and is a lipid revitalizing and moisturizing formula in the form of a gel or fluid: thanks to its light consistency, this mask quickly absorbs into the skin and leaves no trace on the pillowcase.

For oily and combination skin such products often are not suitable as they can clog pores and provoke inflammation but for dry skin they always work perfectly.

Generally, nighttime formulas are loaded with oils and antioxidants so your skin won’t have to worry about stress or environmental stressors to repair itself as it sleeps.

Spread a small amount (approx. 1.5 teaspoons) of the mask in the palms of your hands, apply to your face along the massage lines and go to sleep.


Overnight formulas are typically packed with oils and antioxidants: While you sleep, your skin isn’t distracted from fighting irritants like stress and a bad environment and can self-regenerate in peace.

Spread a small amount (approx. 1.5 teaspoons) of the mask in the palms of your hands, apply to your face along the massage lines and go to sleep.


A common problem for women with dry skin is a dull, grayish complexion. If this is familiar to you, use skin care products that contain acids:

Fruit acids;
lactic acid;
Salicylic Acids.

They gently slough off dead skin cells, speed up cell renewal and restore a radiant complexion.

With a dry skin type it is strictly forbidden to use acidic products, as they can dry out the skin even more and increase its photosensitivity. It is recommended to use masks with a small (!) content of acids no more than twice a week.

For dry skin.


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