For teenagers diets.

Fastest way to lose weight.

For teenagers diets.

Calorie diet for teenage girls — 2600 calories, 90 grams of protein (of which 54 grams — animal protein), 90 grams of fat and 360 grams of carbohydrates. Up to 13 years of age for girls such indicators following 2500 kcal / 82 (49) of protein / fat 84/355 carbohydrates. For teenagers diets.

Adolescent boys can consume a greater amount of calories per day, about 3000 Diets for-adolescent boys require that the body received daily 98 grams of protein (from them 59 grammov- animal proteins), 100 grams of fat and 425 grams of carbohydrates. Up to 13 years old boys such as the following indicators in 2750 kcal / 90 (54) of protein / fat 92/390 carbohydrates.

For teenagers diets.

If a teenager (girl or boy) involved in sports or physical labor, the calorie content should be increased by 15-20%, which provide all the diets for teenagers. When it comes to obesity, the caloric content of food determines the doctor himself.

When unloading days in the daily diet of a teenager lower presence of fat and 30 grams and completely excluded from the diet all sweet, while increasing protein intake to 100 grams per day, as provided diets for teenagers.

Approximate diet menu teenagers 16, 17, 12-15

Diets for teenagers: breakfast (first): Two toast with butter and cheese, boiled egg, tomato + tea or coffee (weak).

Diets for Teens: lunch: low-fat yogurt + apple.

Lunch: 200 grams of pasta + salad (as a filling — 1 spoon (tea) olive oil and the same amount of lemon juice).

Diets for Teens: lunch: boiled carrots or cauliflower + a glass of kefir (required little fat).

Diets for Teens: dinner: fish baked with greens and tomatoes + tomato juice.

Examples of composite menu for breakfast with a diet for teenagers:

Casserole made of cottage cheese and dried fruits, apple, banana, nuts, eggs, buckwheat porridge with beef, cheese, and sautéed rice. Drinks — tea, coffee (weak), milk as well as yogurt.

Examples of the component to the dinner menu for the diet for teenagers:

Chicken, stewed cabbage, baked potatoes, rice, vegetable soup, mushrooms, boiled beef, burgers + steamed vegetables. Drinks, juice or tea.

Examples of the component to the diet dinner menu for teens:

Liver pate with bread + tomato, cheese and sour cream, as well as dried apricots, fish fillets (cooked in foil), vegetable salad with ham. Beverages — milk, herbal tea with honey, tomato juice.

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For teenagers diets.

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