For your beauty.

For your beauty.

4 for advice on how to save your neck smooth and beautiful.

Probably, many would agree that it was the neck gives the true age of the woman. The skin on the neck — thin and fragile, under it there is practically no body fat, and muscles of the neck a little loaded and therefore rapidly lose their tone. For your beauty.

It is therefore important to start to take care of the neck as soon as possible and put it into a permanent habit. There are a few rules that will help you save your neck smooth and beautiful.

For your beauty. Cosmetical tools.

The neck is as a person, require regular cleansing. Cosmetics for a body to put aside — they are too rough for this delicate area. For soft and thin skin of the neck is better to use scrubs and facial peels. You can also use moisturizing creams, anti-age means, or lifting. On the shelves you can find and special funds intended to care for neck and décolleté. The main rule here is one — to apply any means on the neck should be lightly in the direction of the chin to the chest.

For your beauty. Gymnastics.

No less effective for strengthening the muscles of the neck and a gym. Here, too, the main thing — the regularity and thoroughness. there are some simple, but yet effective exercises to bring the neck muscles in tone. For example, you can clamp the teeth pencil, «write» it in the air the numbers 1 through 10 or letters of the alphabet. Or, head bent forward, slowly turn your neck left and right. Another simple exercise: Tighten the muscles of the neck so that the corners of the mouth, «stretched» in the side — and try to fix this position, counting to 10.

For your beauty. Contrast procedures.

Taking a shower or bath, and build up to his neck and décolleté contrast perfusion, changing the temperature of the water. Once a week you can arrange variables compresses: pour two bowls in very hot and cold water and alternately pressed against tissue, soaked in hot, then cold water to the neck, chin and neck area. Such contrasting compresses — excellent training for the blood vessels.

For your beauty. Cabin treatments.

Today, professionals in the beauty salon or beauty clinic offers a wide range of treatments and a neck-care programs. This deep cleansing professional tools and hardware massage with lifting serum and moisturizers, and the application of medical masks with lifting or moisturizing effect.


For your beauty.



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