Freezing hands and feet.

Freezing hands and feet.

What to do if your hands and feet are constantly freezing.

It is necessary to take care of your health every day and to do everything to make it better. This also applies to freezing extremities. Many people do not pay attention to this, and in vain.

Causes of cold hands and feet.

There may be several reasons:

If you don’t move much, are in the office a lot, and then sit and watch TV, blood circulation slows down. Or if your favorite pose is with your feet tucked under you.

It could be caused by frostbite of the limbs that you have experienced before. It makes itself felt in a later period of time.

Other causes of limb chills are taking certain medications, smoking, the habit of going to bed late, hypodynamia, following strict diets, which leads to a lack of nutrients.

How not to miss the symptoms of the disease.

If diabetes mellitus is present, and your hands and feet are freezing, you need to think about it, and talk to your doctor. In this disease, the blood vessels become brittle, which can lead to more serious complications.

Low hemoglobin can cause your hands and feet to feel cold. Delivery of oxygen to the cells is slowed, and heat production is reduced.

The presence of vascular dystonia is one of the common causes of cold feet.

Cold hands and feet can be very serious diseases such as lupus, scleroderma, peripheral artery disease, thyroid malfunction.

If you notice that you often have cold hands and feet, you get tired quickly, and in the limbs appeared swelling, hair loss, you need to be examined.

How to help yourself quickly.

The most effective thing you can do is to improve blood circulation in the body and the delivery of nutrients to important organs. You need to diversify your diet. It is useful to eat fatty fish, nuts, fruits, vegetables, dark chocolate, meat.

If your feet get cold in summer, go to bed with socks on.

Hot tea with lemon and honey, ginger drink will help warm up your body.

Pay attention to spices, introduce them into your diet. The use of turmeric, red pepper, ginger will help to warm you up no worse than warm clothes.

Exercise, do daily morning exercises. By increasing physical activity, you will improve blood circulation.

Warm foot baths are useful before going to bed. But they must be done correctly, taking into account all recommendations.

You can use a warming massage cream for the feet.

A quick way to warm your feet is to put ground red pepper in your socks and wear them.

In winter, when it is cool in the apartment, wear wool socks, and not just one. They will help to conserve heat in the body.

If you do not have the opportunity to steam your feet to warm them, use a terry towel. Massage each toe with it thoroughly, then put on warm socks, and cover yourself with plaid.

Take an aromatic bath with rosemary or lavender oil. It will relax you, warm your hands and feet, relieve fatigue, and improve your mood.

Hopefully, the tips given in the article will help you get warm, if you follow them, and you will not have cold hands and feet.

Freezing hands and feet.

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