French diet.

French diet.

The culture of eating food in the French is based on the exclusion of starvation and strict adherence to systematic diets. A properly balanced diet helps them to have such slender figures.

Therefore, the French diet is a classic option for those who want to lose weight without causing significant stress to the body. The nutrition system developed by French dietitians lasts for two weeks.

The essence of dietary nutrition according to this system is that this regime allows you to combine various food products, while regulating their volumes.

French diet rules for weight loss

Observing all the rules and dietary regimen of this diet, depending on the individual indicators of the body, the body weight is reduced from 5 to 10 kilograms.

Conditions for a quick effect on the French diet:

1. Flawless implementation of the meal plan, it is forbidden to break the sequence.

2. Acceptance of only those products that are indicated in the menu of the French diet.

3. The daily intake of carbohydrates should not exceed 1500 kcal.

4. Eating food in fractional portions.

5. Thorough chewing of food.

6. It is preliminarily recommended to drink 250 ml of pure water half an hour before a meal.

7. Supper should be four hours before bedtime.

8. Eliminate salt, sugar, alcoholic beverages and baked goods from the diet.

French diet, menu

1st day:

Morning meal: natural coffee.
Lunch meal: lettuce salad with tomato and boiled eggs.
Evening meal: boiled lean meat, arugula.

2nd day:

Morning meal: brewed coffee, toast.
Lunch meal: steamed rabbit meat.
Evening meal: boiled sausage or low-fat ham, salad from greens.

3rd day:

Morning meal: toast, black coffee.
Lunch meal: carrots fried in sunflower oil, tomato, orange.
Evening meal: sausage, poached eggs 2 pieces, lettuce.

4th day:

Morning meal: natural coffee, rye bread rusks.
Lunch meal: carrots, boiled egg, low-fat hard cheese.
Evening meal: fruit salad, low fat kefir.

5th day:

Morning meal: chopped carrots with lemon juice.
Lunch meal: tomato, boiled lean fish.
Evening meal: boiled veal.

6th day:

Morning meal: black coffee.
Lunch meal: boiled chicken breast, salad from greens.
Evening meal: boiled meat.

7th day:

Morning meal: green tea.
Lunch meal: steamed meat, fruit salad.
Evening meal: low-fat boiled sausage or ham.

8th day:

Morning meal: brewed coffee.
Lunch meal: two boiled eggs, lettuce with tomato.
Evening Meal: Steamed Lean Meat and Herb Salad.

9th day:

Morning meal: bread and natural coffee.
Lunch meal: boiled meat.
Evening meal: ham, or boiled sausage, lettuce.

10th day:

Morning meal: brewed coffee and rye bread rusks.
Lunch meal: fried carrots, tomato and tangerine.
Evening meal: 2 hard-boiled eggs, a slice of cooked sausage, arugula salad.

11th day:

Morning meal: bread and black coffee.
Lunch meal: poached egg, soft cheese, and fresh carrots.
Evening meal: fruit salad, biokefir.

12th day:

Morning meal: fresh chopped carrots with lemon juice.
Lunch meal: steamed tomato and lean fish.
Evening meal: boiled meat.

13th day:

Morning meal: natural coffee.
Lunch meal: boiled chicken fillet, lettuce.
Evening meal: a portion of boiled meat.

14th day:

Morning meal: herbal tea.

Lunch meal: boiled meat, fruit platter.

Evening meal: ham or boiled sausage.

Despite the sparing effect of the French diet for weight loss on the body, a repeated course can be carried out once every six months. According to nutritionists from France, dishes should be beautiful, this contributes to greater body satisfaction from their consumption.

It is also worth paying special attention to the quality of food, which must be fresh and without the addition of various nitrates and chemical constituents.

French diet.

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