From cataracts.

From cataracts.

Green tea

With age-related cataracts, green tea is especially recommended. You should drink regularly, choosing good varieties, combining tea drinking with honey. It is also useful to perform tea lotions, applying cotton swabs moistened with tea leaves to the eyelids.
Regular intake of green tea helps to remove beneficial trace elements from the body.

Raspberry leaves

Raspberry leaves are considered a highly effective cure for cataracts without surgical treatment. Dry raspberry leaves are crushed to a powdery state. At home, eat with food daily on a dessert spoon, four times.


Considered a proven tool in the fight against eye disease. Take six chopped almonds, add a dessert spoon of chopped black pepper. Sift the resulting mixture through a sieve. Add half a dessert spoon of sugar. Take half a teaspoon twice a day before meals. The tool promises quick relief.

You can use a modified recipe. To 10 grams of white pepper add 50 grams of almonds. Chopped. Mix with 40 grams of brown sugar and 10 grams of ghee. Consume 20 grams three times a day, continuing therapy for at least one month.

From cataracts. Milk.

Milk is considered an excellent assistant in the fight against cataracts. Cow is recommended to drink several glasses a day, and goat mixed 1: 1 with purified water, drip eyes — at a dose three times a day for a week or two.

Sweet mix

Mix a dessert spoon of brown sugar with coriander and fennel seeds, taken in five grams. The mixture is consumed before meals, repeated twice a day.

Mulberry (Mulberry)

The tool is considered one of the most effective for the treatment of eye diseases at home. In season, it is recommended to eat berries, in winter — regularly drink a decoction of petals and branches. For 1 tsp. raw materials account for a cup of boiling water.
Frequent consumption of mulberry may not be the best way to affect the state of the digestive system.


According to traditional healers, daily eye rinsing with urine promises a full recovery after a year. It can also be used for instillation — in a dose of three times.

Laundry soap

A well-known folk remedy — laundry soap can help cure cataracts in the later stages. They need to soap their eyes daily so that they burn. Another use is lotions. Rub the soap on a grater, dilute with a small amount of lukewarm water. Wipes soaked in a liquid are applied to the eyelids, leaving from five to ten minutes. Perform daily until relief.


The plant is endowed with high efficiency in terms of the impact on ophthalmic pathology. A mixture of 100 grams of fresh thyme and 450 ml of May honey is recommended to be consumed for a month and a half, 1 tsp. three times a day.

From cataracts.

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