From mastitis.

From mastitis.

1. Village cottage cheese at home is heated to a temperature of fifty degrees. Laid on gauze, it is applied to the chest, fixing with cling film. The procedure is repeated twice a day if serious inflammation is detected.

2. Mix 30 g of beeswax with 120 g of spermaceti and 60 g of olive oil. The mixture is heated in a steam bath until it becomes homogeneous. The cooled mass is spread on a cotton cloth. Compress hold an hour. One procedure per day is enough to eliminate the symptoms of acute mastitis.

3. In a glass bowl combine bread crumb, water, olive oil and wine. Mix and introduce honey in such an amount as to obtain a mass of creamy consistency. Spread the folk remedy on a gauze bandage and tie it to the mammary glands for one hour. Sessions can be held every four hours.

4. Combine a handful of sesame seeds, half a cup of honey and a tablespoon of olive oil. The resulting composition is impregnated with a cotton cloth, which is then wrapped around the chest for half an hour. The permissible number of sessions is three per day.

From mastitis.

5. A glass of wine vinegar is added to a glass of hot moisture. The tissue soaked in the composition is applied to the inflamed areas of the gland for three hours.

6. Porosnuyu combine crushed to crumbs dried rye bread, barley flour, powder from horse beans, boiled egg yolk. To a glass of the resulting mass, a pinch of saffron, fenugreek and myrrh is introduced. After mixing, the components are transferred to a piece of tissue. The compress is held for two hours, repeated twice a day.

7. Fresh leaves of rue and peach are pounded in a mortar until juice is released. The gruel is applied to the chest, wrapping on top of cellophane and a scarf. Removed after forty minutes. Repeat in the morning and evening with a serous form and an acute type of disease.

8. On a fine grater chop one apple peeled. Add two tablespoons of butter. The mass is laid out on a piece of gauze and left on the chest, conducting treatment for 60 minutes. Repeat twice a day. The recipe is suitable for every nursing mother.


From mastitis.

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