From peptic ulcer.

From peptic ulcer.

Ice cream

Some people suffering from peptic ulcer disease claim that pain during an attack helps them relieve ice cream.


The mummy will quickly cure an ulcer of the gastric mucosa and other internal organs. There are two best recipes:
0.2 g of mummy is mixed with 50 ml of milk. Drink in the morning before eating. The course of treatment is twenty-five days. If the result is not achieved, after ten days the course is repeated. The solution is also used to treat the cervix, soaking gauze swabs in it.

To 150 ml of warm water, several grams of mummy are mixed. Every morning for a week and a half they take a dessert spoon.
Among other things, the mummy solution can be used to treat trophic ulcers. This promotes rapid healing, relieves itching and burning.


With a stomach ulcer, it is useful to eat oatmeal prepared according to a special recipe. In the morning, five large spoons of cereal are poured into the mug, poured with a similar amount of water in volume and 1 tsp. honey. After 16 minutes, the porridge is ready. Eat for breakfast, after which they are kept from any food for two hours. It should be treated for two weeks.

From peptic ulcer.


The recipe is designed to combat an ulcer on the skin of the lower extremities. Take purple paper. Matches are rubbed on both sides. After being burned. The resulting ash is used as a powder. After a couple of hours, the leg is bandaged. Sessions are performed daily until there is no trace of the disease.
Similarly, ash obtained after burning walnut partition walls is used.

Quail eggs

Quail eggs contain elements that help in active scarring of ulcers. It should be consumed in the morning on an empty stomach, 3 pieces in raw form. Within a week, there is relief.

Tomato Honey

Effectively combats the manifestations of the disease special honey. The glass bowl is filled with ripe tomatoes. Pour honey to the top and cover with paper soaked in wax. Ready means is considered at the moment when the mass becomes homogeneous and acquires a pink hue. Use three times two dessert spoons until the medicine is over.

ASD-2 fraction

With an ulcer on the mucous membrane of the digestive organ, take the ASD-2 fraction for five days in this way: dilute thirty drops in water 100 ml and drink on an empty stomach, repeating twice. After a five-day pause, the treatment is repeated. After the new course, they take a break for three days and are treated again. Then follows a month-long pause and a new course.


To achieve a therapeutic effect, flower pollen is mixed with honey and consumed in a small spoon three times a day. Treatment does not stop for three weeks. It is also recommended to take royal jelly — ten milligrams twice a day for a month. Recipes help with peptic ulcer of the duodenum, esophagus and stomach.
Before trying this therapeutic method, you need to make sure that there is no allergic reaction to beekeeping products.


The most effective stomach ulcer recipes include chaga mushroom, which contains valuable acids, polysaccharides, and fiber. There are several use cases:

First: in the morning on an empty stomach they drink a mixture of raw chicken eggs and five milliliters of medical alcohol, after a few hours they consume 30 ml of warm chaga infusion (with water in a ratio of one to five).

Second: 100 g of chaga mushroom is soaked and determined in a three-liter container, 200 g of honey and warm water are poured (enough to reach the neck). Three days later, they recommend starting treatment, using 50 ml of the drug in the morning.

In some cases, taking chaga can cause insomnia and nervous irritability.


To quickly heal the internal ulcer, you should eat a wild leek filled with kefir daily before recovery.

Miracle ointment

Intended ointment for the treatment of trophic ulcers. Need a sterile glass container. Four bags of streptocide powder and one hundred grams of petroleum jelly are placed in a tube of gentamicin, hyoxysone, mitiluracin and sinoflan ointment. Use the product daily before bedtime. Store the ointment in a warm place. Treatment should continue until recovery.

Egg white

When asked how to treat an ulcer at home, folk healers answer with raw egg white. Beat it with a spoon of olive oil and the same amount of icing sugar until cream. The resulting mixture is consumed in the morning by a tablespoon. The treatment lasts ten days. A prescription is effective if there is severe pain in the stomach.

From peptic ulcer.

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