From sinusitis.

From sinusitis.

1. Squeeze the juice from the gibberish. Dripping with bilateral sinusitis, three drops in both nostrils, repeating twice a day.

2. Prepare three infusions. The first is chamomile (ten grams per cup of water), the second is St. John’s wort perforated (fifteen grams per cup), and the third is marsh coughberry (ten grams per 200 ml of liquid). Combine all three infusions. Used for instillation of the nose — five doses twice a day. The same tool can be used for inhalation. Before use, warm over low heat.

3. In a glass container combine a tablespoon of fresh honey and a glass of strong black tea. Fifteen drops of chlorophyllipt are introduced. Use twice daily for three doses. Treatment helps when purulent sinusitis is detected.

4. Connect 200 ml of St. John’s wort oil, 40 ml of calendula oil and half the amount of rosemary oil. Add ten grams of chopped propolis as small as possible. Warm up in a steam bath until propolis dissolves. Store the finished folk remedy at room temperature. Apply six drops twice a day. With the help of this recipe, it is possible to quickly overcome bilateral and unilateral sinusitis.

5. To two large tablespoons of vegetable oil add half a small spoonful of lard and on the tip of a propolis knife. The mixture is placed in a water bath and held until the ingredients are mixed into a homogeneous mass. It is filtered and used for instillation four times a day for seven doses.

From sinusitis.

6. Half a glass of vodka pour a dessert spoon of iris. After a week, filter. Enter a teaspoon of aloe juice and honey. Mixed. Apply four times three servings for each nostril. It is effective treatment if polyposis sinusitis is observed.
Polypous sinusitis cannot be cured at home.

7. Take peeled birch tar. Three doses are dripped three times a day in each nostril if a purulent form of the disease is observed.

8. Two cloves of garlic and half the onion are passed through a meat grinder and squeezed juice. Apply in the morning and evening two doses for each nostril. It helps if an acute form of inflammation is diagnosed.
Using the product can lead to burns of the mucous membrane.

9. Squeeze juice from freshly peeled carrots. Apply three times a day for several doses. Suitable for eliminating the symptoms of acute inflammation in children and adults.
10. To a hundred milliliters of olive oil add a tablespoon of rosemary. For three weeks, the container is stored in a place away from sunlight, regularly shaking the contents. After extraction, treatment begins — one dose four times. Two weeks later, chronic sinusitis recedes forever.

11. After a puncture, the use of freshly squeezed blackcurrant juice is recommended. Dosage — two servings in each nostril three times a day.

12. Five grams of horseradish root, elecampane, burdock, lemon balm herb, marigold, St. John’s wort, plantain, celandine, eucalyptus and juniper fruits are mixed. The mixture is pulverized and poured into a glass container. One hundred fifty milliliters of corn oil heated to 80 degrees are introduced there. Stand for forty days with the lid closed. After squeezing the raw materials, five grams of propolis, flower beetroot and wild mint powder are injected into the liquid. Insist twenty days. After filtration, use — three doses three times a day.

13. In order to permanently get rid of sinus inflammation in adults, the use of beer is recommended. Better to take light. Beer is heated to forty degrees. They are treated every two hours by instilling seven doses in each nostril.

From sinusitis.

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