Frozen lemon.

Frozen lemon.

Frozen lemon. A unique remedy for many troubles.
Many, probably, know that in a peel of a lemon of vitamins is ten times more, than in juice and pulp. Lemon zest is widely used in everyday life, and for the treatment of many diseases.

Recent research scientists prove that in the prevention of cancer, lemon peel plays an important role. A frozen lemon is generally a panacea. A universal remedy able to save from many troubles.

We are buying lemon. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and a brush to remove wax residues. There are no vitamins in it exactly.

We send the pure lemon into the food package. We tie it and put it away for a couple of hours in the freezer. It remains only after the right time to grate the fruit on a fine grater.

Frozen lemon.

Take for the prevention can not only the skin, but also the flesh with bones. How much in lemons of vitamin C we know from childhood.

Grated lemon can be added to any dish. They will become more refined. The taste will change, and the flavor will intensify. A variety of salads, sauces, soups, fish and meat dishes will only benefit if you add a fragrant sourness to them.

Since childhood I remember the delicacy that my mother made during the autumn-winter period. Grated lemon, she mixed with sugar or honey, and then added to tea. Very tasty and useful. Prepare easily and simply.

The lemon peel is not only able to neutralize cancer cells. It also removes harmful toxins from the body. Therefore, a lemon is an excellent prevention, which helps to cope with any malfunctions in the body.

By the way, lemon zest can not only be frozen, but also dried. From the dried lemon peel, make a powder using a blender or a coffee grinder.

Fold it in a dry clean jar. Close the lid. Add powder to baked goods, salads, cereals, tea and coffee. The fragrance simply can not convey in words. If you mix lemon powder with sugar, you get a real delicacy. Lemon sugar.

Lemon peel is recommended to chew with reduced appetite, to improve digestion and metabolic processes, for the good work of the gallbladder.

In addition, it quickly removes inflammation. Sore throat? Urgently chew a small piece of zest. Immediately it will become easier.
Take care of yourself. Be healthy!


Frozen lemon.

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