Fruit diet.

Best way to lose weight fast.

Fruit diet.

Fruit diet is considered one of the most delicious and the most successful in eliminating unnecessary kilograms. By desired result fruit diet leads very quickly, and other advantages it has a mass: for example, diet exempt from the need to prepare special dishes. Since the fruit has long been recognized by all storehouse of vitamins, the fruit diet, of course, significantly contribute to the maintenance of body tone and a significant improvement in general. From the brief dietary restrictions in this case does not suffer any hair or skin or nails.

Diet can perfectly cleanse the body of existing toxins and toxins, which can lead to digestive disorders, the formation of cellulite and provoke sallow complexion. The value of plant foods is determined by a high percentage of the presence in it of vitamin K, which has a positive effect on the overall condition of muscle tissue and increases the beneficial results from active sports. And fruit diet is good and what is allowed to eat after six in the evening without fear of terrible consequences, as the fruit is enough to digest and will not cause unnecessary weight.

Experienced doctors are familiar in any diet see double-edged sword, for fruit diets also did not exclude. They remind us of the existence of such contraindications as personal intolerance, what is fraught with fruit diet: because many types of fruits act as powerful allergens, including citrus fruit, strawberries, grapes and others. For this reason, before his experiments far more than would be to consult with a qualified physician who considers that fruit diet is useful or harmful.

Diet: species.

Fruit diet — a mono-diet, the essence of which lies in the fact that during the day to take food only fruit and only one species. You can combine them with freshly prepared juices, which allows fruit diet.

Universal fruit diet — summer fruit diet, since it would be best to stick to it in the hot season. Its essence is this: you should drink as much fluid, and the feeling of hunger to drown it with fresh fruit, seeds, vegetable salads, nuts and grains priparennym (not broken). For a week in this power mode (fruit diet) very realistically lose up to seven kilograms of unnecessary weight.

And no less urgent fast fruit diet is based on minimal use of liquid — its daily volume should not exceed five hundred milliliters. But you can absolutely eat any fruit in the amount of one to two kilograms every day, which allows fruit diet.

Diet and its «cons».

Do fruit diets, except for well-known indisputable advantages, there are also substantial disadvantages. So, for example, scientists have shown that certain fruits, which is based on a fruit diet, very little burn body fat, and sometimes even contribute to its formation. And available to them, fructose, if it enters the liver, not processed into glycogen — the substance going to cover the energy consumption during physical activity — namely, into fat. If glucose is commonly known in the muscle power, then of glycogen and this can not be said at all.

Abuse fruit diet may lead to protein starvation — it is very often marked by vegetarians. Refund animal protein deficiency can not be, even the most elegant fruit dangerous than any fruit diet. And if from the diet for a long time to eliminate milk and all its derivatives, it will be faced with just over a lack of vitamin B2, than unfavorable fruit diet.

Fruits, outside of doubt, can be of great benefit to the human body, and to correct the figure itself. But make them object of worship as required fruit diet, you do not need. Moreover, they actually can not replace many other foods.


Fruit diet.

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