Fruit-fat burners.

Fruit-fat burners.

Among substances of plant origin that can affect metabolism, nutritionists highlight enzymes. Fruit-fat burners. And enzymes are found in many fruits and berries. They have the ability to break down fats.

Here are examples of rich sources of enzymes — fat burners. But we must remember that they are effective only in the low-calorie diet.

Fruit-fat burners.


In the pineapple, a unique bromelain enzyme is found. It breaks down complex lipids. But this enzyme has only proteolytic activity. That is, it splits only the proteins. On the lipid metabolism, pineapple acts to an insignificant extent.

But nevertheless, the enzymatic activity of bromelain in the lumen of the intestine persists long enough. On digestible food, it acts very well.

Especially good bromelain helps to cope with fish, meat, fermented milk products and beans. Therefore, any plentiful meal is useful to wash down with pineapple juice or seize a slice of fresh pineapple.

This will prevent a feeling of heaviness in the stomach. It will help to assimilate protein food more quickly. In addition, pineapple perfectly copes with the feeling of hunger.

Fruit-fat burners.


Raspberries contain a mixture of lipolytic enzymes involved in the breakdown of fats. Like other fruit enzymes, they are active only in the lumen of the intestine. Help to digest food that has just been eaten.

It is useful to eat about half the glass of raspberries half an hour before meals. Since to activate the enzymes, the berry needs some time to boil in acidic gastric juice.


The grapefruit contains flavonoid naringin. It activates the work of the liver. Has choleretic effect. It is the bile that breaks down the complex fats that enter our body with food.

Therefore, regular consumption of grapefruit in food stops the growth of fatty deposits. But if you want to lose weight, then there is a whole grapefruit along with a bitter film. After all the necessary naringin is contained in interlobular films. It is also useful to drink freshly squeezed grapefruit juice 20 minutes before eating.


This exotic fruit contains papain. It cleaves proteins and a group of nonspecific lipases. They affect the lipids that enter the body with food.

Like bromelain, these enzymes work only in the lumen of the gastrointestinal
tract. After splitting and absorption into the blood, they lose all their enzymatic activity.

The destruction of papain and lipase occurs 2-3 hours after they enter the body. For this reason, papaya should be eaten immediately before meals, during meals or immediately after it. Especially good is papaya as a component of the protein-carbohydrate diet.


Fruit-fat burners.

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