Ginger root.

The worst enemy of fat. Ginger root.

The root of ginger for weight loss has found its application in folk medicine. Due to its composition, it accelerates metabolism. This leads to active fat burning. The main way of drinking tea is.

In this article, we will talk about the composition and benefits of ginger root for weight loss. Consider the indications and contraindications, side effects. And also give the recipes for weight loss and an approximate diet menu for 1 day.

Ginger is a burning eastern spice. It has long been famous for its healing properties. The ability of this product to stimulate the process of getting rid of excess weight is caused by the action of substances that make up its composition. A variety of recipes of dishes, which includes healing spices, will help make the process of losing weight delicious and pleasant.

Useful properties of ginger root.

• Strengthens immunity;
• improves potency;
• reduces menstrual pain;
• improves digestive functions;
• relieves pain with arthritis;
Prevents intestinal swelling;
• relieves spasms.

Several recipes for ginger tea for weight loss.

1. 2-3 teaspoons grated on a fine grater of ginger root, put in a bowl with a lid. Add 50 milliliters of lemon juice and two tablespoons of natural honey.

2. Fill with two liters of boiling water. Close the lid. Leave for an hour and a half, insist.

3. It is necessary to drink two liters of a drink a day. In the absence of contraindications.

4. The second recipe is even simpler. One tablespoon of ginger rubbed on a fine grater is filled with 200 milliliters of hot green tea. We drink during the day, 20 minutes before eating.

5. For the third drink. The peeled ginger root is cut into small pieces. We put in the thermos.

6. Add the same slices of lemon (along with the skin). Fill with one liter of boiling water.

7. We drink tea during the day, 30 minutes before meals, 200 milliliters.

Sample diet menu with ginger.

1. Breakfast. A glass of ginger tea. After 30 minutes — any cereal with fruit.

2. Snack. Ginger drink + 100 grams of cottage cheese or natural yogurt.

3. Lunch. Ginger tea. After half an hour, low-fat soup, vegetables with meat.

4. Dinner. Kefir with cinnamon and ginger.


Ginger root.

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