Hair gets greasy quickly.

Hair gets greasy quickly.

Many girls and women are faced with the fact that their hair quickly becomes greasy.

This forces them to wash their hair almost every day, which is time-consuming and inconvenient. What is the reason?

Experts answer that it may be the peculiarity of the individual. The next reason is improper hair care. How to behave so that the hair is always beautiful and well-groomed?

Why hair gets greasy quickly

The scalp secretes natural oils that serve a protective function. You come in contact with dirt and dust particles throughout the day, and dirty hair is normal. If they get dirty very quickly, it could be due to improper hair care.

The reasons why hair starts to get greasy the very next day after washing it are

Hot weather.

They wash their hair very often.

Oily hair as a congenital feature of the body.

High physical activity.

Improper choice of hair care products.

What you can do to prevent your hair from becoming greasy very quickly
We recommend listening to the tips that will help to get rid of excessive greasiness:

Try to choose special care products for oily strands.

Masks, sprays and oils should not be rubbed into the scalp. It is preferable to apply them to the medium length and ends of the strands.

Take a dry shampoo. This will help you get your hair in order and get rid of greasiness, if you do not have time to wash your hair normally.

Instead of dry shampoo, you can use baby powder, which can be bought at the drugstore. Apply it to the roots of the hair, and then remove the rest of the product with a comb.

Do not wash your hair too often. Washing with shampoo can stimulate the skin’s production of oils. Get into the habit of washing your hair once every two days at first, and then this interval should be increased.

An important role is played by the right choice of comb. It should be made of natural materials. When combing hair with a bad comb the oil is not distributed along the whole length of the strands, but stays near the roots.

Do not use mousses and gels. They contribute to the fact that hair quickly becomes greasy.

If you have curly hair, do not straighten it with a straightener. Straight hair makes it greasier.

Now you know what to do if your hair gets greasy quickly. Use the recommendations given in practice. Be healthy and beautiful for years to come.

Hair gets greasy quickly.

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