Hand tremors causes.

Essential tremor or shaking hands Why?

Hand tremors causes.

Essential tremor (benign or idiopathic tremor) — is the most common disease of the brain after a  stroke and epilepsy — 3-4 cases per 1000 people. In 50% of cases the disease is inherited. Its      frequency increases with age and reaches peak prevalence in people over 65 years.

Hand tremors causes.

The only manifestation of this disease is tremor.
Essential tremor begins slowly, gradually, usually with the hands shake, especially when driving or when pulling arms forward and up. In addition to hand tremor involves shaking the head by type «Yes, yes, yes» or «no-no», the vocal cords, jaw, lips, language, body and legs.

Eventually, tremor frequency is decreased, and the amplitude, on the contrary, increased. A patient having difficulty buttoning buttons, particularly small — shirt collar, sleeves, when tying laces, while receiving the liquid food up to the inability to use a spoon, to eat soup, if necessary. It becomes difficult bring the cup to the mouth with the fluid so as not to spill the contents.

Hand tremors causes.

If essential tremor begins with the head, then shake it as Typically, people surrounding the patient’s   first point.
Essential tremor is enhanced even at low loads, with a little excitement. Therefore, people suffering   from this disease, try to avoid public communication and turn in on themselves. Tremor is amplified    and overcooling of the head, hands and body.

Many patients notice a pronounced tremor in the morning, as well as in the use of strong coffee.
But alcoholic drinks in small amounts reduce jitter on the day they are received, but significantly  increase it for another day and the next few days.

The disease progresses slowly, but once begun, it progresses throughout life. Someone is more pronounced and affects all the limbs, head, appears trembling voice, others involved in the tremor      only the head, from the third — only the hands.

Research scientists have shown that the basis of essential tremor is disruption of the functioning of certain parts of the brain and the change in the concentration of neurotransmitters — substances that ensure the transmission of excitatory and inhibitory impulses.   Thus any structural changes in the brain is not detected.

Hand tremors causes.

In some cases, neurologists, doctors, and especially general practitioners experiencing some difficulties in the diagnosis of essential tremor as a number of diseases and     especially Parkinson’s disease may manifest shake hands and head. Therefore, only neurologists          who specialize in this disease, can make an accurate and correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment,   as, for example, drugs that can help with Parkinson’s disease do not help with essential tremor.

There is a special test, which is used to identify essential tremor and diagnosis. If the patient is on a   clean sheet of paper will slowly draw the spiral, the line of the helix will be rough and jagged.

To date, there are medicines that can to assist in the treatment of this disease.
These include sedatives and anticonvulsants, antispasmodics and antidepressants, vasodilating and anti-sclerotic and others.

It is clear that medicines must appoint a physician who watches this particular patient.
There are also herbs that are used with success for complex treatment of essential tremor. The first is calming and anticonvulsant herbs: valerian root, peony root, root cyanosis, Baikal skullcap root, grass motherwort, soothing teas and fees soothing medicinal plants.

Because valerian, peony and motherwort prepare drops on alcohol: 100 g raw pour 1 liter of 45%   alcohol, to insist 20 days in a dark place at room temperature. Drink 10-20 drops 3 times a day           with 1/3 cup water, regardless of meals.

From calming herbs are also prepared and infusion: a tablespoon of minced raw pour 0.5 liters of     water, boil on low heat with the lid closed for 20 minutes, to insist 40 minutes. Drink half a cup 3-4   times a day without regard to meals.

Recommended vasodilator and antispasmodic herbs: herb lemon balm, peppermint grass, herb astragalus, hawthorn flowers, vasodilators teas.
Of the medicinal plants are prepared infusion: a tablespoon of minced raw pour 0.5 liters of water,        boil on low heat with the lid closed for 15 minutes, insist 30 minutes.
Drink without regard to meals, half a cup 3 times a day.

Hand tremors causes.

Appointed herbs that improve blood flow — as arterial and venous, have anti-sclerotic effect, thin the blood: periwinkle herb, grass Tribulus, Dioscorea root, leaves and fruit, gingko biloba, horse chestnut shoots.
The course of preparations of medicinal plants, as a rule, 3-4 months or longer.

It is important that a patient suffering from essential tremor, actively cooperated with the doctor-neurologist, informed him about the changes in his condition and well served those purposes, it is recommended that objectively help. As the clinical practice, if chosen properly treated and it is    complex, including both drugs and herbal medicine and homeopathy, it marked a significant improvement. Reduced tremors, patients feel confident they can take care of themselves and         perform various simple work.

Neurologist, however, a curious fact noticed by saying that in families of patients with essential tremor   is often observed, oddly enough, longevity and many children. And patients themselves often characterized by increased mental ability and achievements in various industrial and scientific activities.

Elderly people should be aware that if you start to bother shaking in his hand, his head, began to      change the handwriting, there were difficulties with food intake, especially liquid food when you want     to hold a spoon, you should immediately consult a doctor, a neurologist. Because the sooner
treatment is started, the better the result will be positive.


Hand tremors causes.

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