Headache relief, migraine.

From the pain of the head.

Headache relief, migraine.

For people suffering from headaches, there is no worse problem. Headache relief, migraine. Sometimes I can not even believe in a cure. So it was with me. But accident helped. 

Many of my friends were aware of the problem. Everyone, learning a new tool, hurried to tell. And now one of my friends suggested a method of treatment, heard from one of their friends.

Headache relief, migraine.

In general, at first the methods of treatment were poured out from the cornucopia. And many of them were professional and quality. It was the girl’s way.

The recipe is this. It is necessary to mix in equal proportions melissa herb, peppermint leaves and crushed coriander fruits. During the day, insist about 60 grams of the mixture in 100 g of 96% alcohol and 20 g of water.

Strain the moistened handkerchief. Apply during an attack to the occiput and temples. Pain removes very quickly.

Such a remedy may not completely cure the migraine, but the improvements are obvious. With the use of this tincture, not only does pain quickly disappear, but seizures themselves are much less frequent.

It is not ruled out that eventually they will disappear altogether. At least, there is no such torment as before. There were forces and the desire to fight the disease.


Headache relief, migraine.

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