The head will be healthy.


Headache can be a maddening anyone. But this disease can and should fight means available:

• When a headache and runny nose to make the foil on the forehead and nose.


• If the headache should be worn around the neck amber (which, incidentally, helps with goiter). Can forehead and temples grease honey. When headache help and baths for hands and feet. It is also useful to use the infusion of mint, tightly fasten the head, clean the intestines, to conduct a massage from the forehead to the nape. You can also inhale the mixture of alcohol, camphor, castor. Or attach to the temples sauerkraut in a rag and tie poultice from the juice of Kalanchoe leaves; put a piece of bandage in his ear, soaked beet juice, or onion.

• Helps with headaches and if the smell oregano: leaves and flowers.
Attach a fresh cabbage leaves to the head or slices of raw potato, wrapped in leaves of lilac, mustard, a compress of black radish. Also it helps tea with lemon balm, oregano, lemon and sugar, green tea with mint, an infusion of valerian root.

• When a migraine: thumbs inserted into the ears and click on Kozelki
inside forward and slightly upward to the eyes, to press, to omit. So do three times, after 1-2 minutes the pain subsided, and decrease blood pressure.

• From the noise in the ears and the head: dry dill brew in a thermos 0.5 liters of water.
Take half a cup 3 times a day.

• Pain in the ears, beet juice to drip 3-4 drops into the ear. At the same time use tampons with the infusion of marigold.

• Otitis ear: Juice of 2 lemons squeeze, drain, drain, put in the cold. Instilled into the ear of 2 weeks 5 drops of 2 times a day.

• To improve the hearing: a quarter of a lemon peel to eat daily.



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