Healing oil from the laurel.

 Healing oil from the laurel.

Healing laurel oil is obtained not from leaves, but from the fruits of the laurel of the noble. In ancient times, he was treated with indigestion, colds, hysteria and a number of other internal and external diseases.

Unrefined laurel oil has a natural green color and a saturated specific flavor. It is the record holder for the content of valuable biological components.

There are eight kinds of fatty acids. The total amount of organic substances reaches six dozen. That is why the spectrum of its action is so wide and varied.

In medicine, laurel oil is used for inhalations in diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Due to the high concentration of phytoncides, it is useful for tuberculosis. Because it inhibits the development of the tubercle bacillus.

Healing oil from the laurel.

Bay oil is recommended for use against digestive system infections. Also with constipation, food poisoning, indigestion, swelling and dyspepsia.

Antiseptic and disinfecting properties of this oil are used in the treatment of candidiasis. Also with other problems of the genitourinary system, fungal and pustular skin lesions.

The laurel oil of the noble has a powerful antispasmodic and analgesic effect. Therefore it is effective at muscular and rheumatic pains, deposition of salts, arthritis and osteochondrosis. Its use will help to normalize the metabolism. It can also
to reduce the sugar content in the blood.

Improving microcirculation of blood, the base laurel oil stimulates the processes of renewal of skin cells, gives a quick and noticeable effect in cellulite.

Laurel oil activates hair growth and eliminates problems with dandruff. Cosmetologists use it to make preparations from increased skin pigmentation. The bay oil perfectly restores the protective functions of the skin and heals the irritations. It is an excellent care for the lips, because it easily cures herpes and heals cracks, protecting the skin from overdrying and

Healing oil from the laurel.

At home, you can cook a slightly less valuable analog — oil from the leaves of the laurel. But for medicinal purposes it is better to use leaves collected no more than a year ago.

To treat rheumatism, arthritis and other joint diseases, use unrefined sunflower oil. It is an excellent basis for preparing a remedy for these ailments. In other cases, olive oil or any other available at your fingertips is suitable.

To prepare the oil, finely chop 40-50 g of laurel leaves and pour them with 200 ml of warmed to 50 ° vegetable oil. Infuse 10 days in a warm and dark place, then strain and squeeze. Pour the resulting oil into a glass bottle and store in a dark cool place. Such oil is used as an external agent, and also
is added to the inhalation fluid.


Healing oil from the laurel.

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