Healthy teeth

Recipes for healthy teeth.

Healthy teeth.

Healthy teeth in the amount of 32 pieces is not only an opportunity to smile in your mouth, building positive relations with the world, but also a mass of bonuses for health. Healthy teeth.

According to recent studies, the less a person’s teeth, the higher the risk of developing ischemic disease.

Those who have less than 10 «native» teeth, are 7 times more likely to become victims of a heart attack than those who have at least 25 own teeth.

Caries can cause impotence, and inflammation of the gums — lead to premature birth and infertility. Scientists from the Royal College of London argue that a toothless person even thinks worse than toothy — about 3 times.

The main enemies of the teeth have long been known: problems with hygiene, soda, sweets, energy, stress, unbalanced menu, too hot or, on the contrary, too cold food.

Citrus fruits, by the way, and bananas also harm tooth enamel — therefore, or do not eat them under the curtain of dinner, or be sure to brush their teeth after them.

To ensure that the teeth can be gnawed if not with wire, so to fearlessly crunch dryers, we need calcium and facilitate digestion in the body of magnesium and vitamin D.

Calcium is found in many foods, but the problem is that it is very poorly digested. Therefore, we have to eat it up to 1000 mg per day.

Calcium contain: dairy products (preferably low-fat, fat interferes with the assimilation of the element), celery, parsley, cabbage — colored and white, nuts, egg whites, bones of tinned fish — tuna, sardine, mackerel.

They prevent him from digesting: fat, salt, caffeine.

They help to assimilate: vitamin D (eggs, sea fish, walks in the fresh air), magnesium (bananas, tofu, spinach, avokado, cashew, baked potatoes, brown rice, buckwheat porridge).


Healthy teeth.

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