Hearing loss.

Hearing loss.
We will hear!

If you become worse with age, do not despair — you can still fix it. Hearing loss.

I used 30% good quality alcohol propolis tincture, mixed with olive oil: for 1 part of the propolis tincture, take 4 parts of the oil. Before use, the resulting emulsion must be shaken.

Hearing loss.

Then make a tampon of gauze, soak them with an emulsion, lightly squeeze and tweezers carefully into the ear so as not to damage the eardrum.

The tampon can be left for 36 hours, the procedures are carried out every other day.
The course of treatment — 12 procedures.

And to improve the result in the morning with your hands, rub your ears with circular motions along the clockwise direction, tightly pressing them to the head, then sharply lift your hands.

Insert a tight finger into the auditory canal and abruptly pull it away.

Repeat every day 10-20 times. This will improve the quality of treatment, and very soon your hearing will be the same as befor.


Hearing loss.

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