Heart disease.

Diet with coronary heart disease.

Heart disease.

Ischemic heart disease (CHD) is a disease in which the patency of the arteries feeding the heart muscle with oxygen is impaired, and the normal functioning of the heart is disturbed. Modern medicine can not completely stop the course of the disease, but there are many supporting therapies, the effectiveness of which depends largely on how carefully the patient will follow the doctor’s recommendations. An important factor in the normalization of the patient’s condition is nutrition in ischemic heart disease.

Useful and harmful products in CHD.

There are specially designed diets for cardiac ischemia. They include foods rich in cereals and vegetables, and exclude excessive consumption of low-density cholesterol in the form of refractory animal fats. Individual diets can be chosen by the attending physician depending on the category of IHD, which are quite a lot. But all diets with heart diseases and coronary artery ischemia have common foods that are recommended for consumption, and foods that are undesirable for patients with coronary artery disease.

Recommended Products.

Together with the above principles of nutrition in IHD, you can make a list of recommended foods:

Products containing branched carbohydrates (porridges on water, except rice and semolina);
Vegetables (steamed, salad, boiled, baked, but not fried);
Seafood (lean sea fish, shrimp, mussels);
Vegetable oils (sunflower, olive, linseed);
Soups with cereals on low-fat broth from poultry meat, rabbits or beef;
Meat of rabbits, low-fat beef steak;
Salads from fresh vegetables, seasoned with vegetable oil;
Fruits and natural fruit juices without additives;
Quail eggs and egg whites;
Bread from grind flour No. 3 with bran.

It should be remembered that too sweet fruit in large quantities can be harmful because of the high glucose content. It is better to eat fish only in boiled or flavored form, and to exclude consumption of fried or salted fish, since the harm from salt and trans fats will far exceed the value of valuable trace elements of sea fish.

Unwanted products.

It is equally important to remember products that are better to be excluded from use (or very significantly limited) to people diagnosed with coronary heart disease:

Sweets containing sucrose and glucose (cakes, creams, cakes, buns);
Salted and smoked products of animal origin;
Solid animal fats in any form (lard, butter, etc.);
Yolks of eggs of geese and ducks (exclude) and yolks of chicken eggs (limit);
Margarines and spreads (delete);
Whipped vegetable cream in cans;
Carbonated drinks;
Strong tea and coffee;
Fried food (exclude);
Drinks and food containing ethyl alcohol (alcohol).

Sweets contribute to weight gain, which is a negative factor in the background of IHD. Also, the increase in body weight is promoted by vegetable hydrogenated whipped cream, margarine and lard, in addition to the harm of these products from the content of trans fat in them.

Strong tea and coffee can help increase the load on the heart because of the caffeine content. Alcohol also increases blood pressure and negatively affects the myocardium and the blood vessels of the body as a whole.


Heart disease.

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