Heart health.

Everything should be within reasonable limits.

Heart health.

Do not overload the body drinks, especially carbonated, contributing to the bloating, as well as rich in sodium mineral waters. It is showing moderate restriction of free fluid — up to 1.2 liters per day. Heart health.

The best beverage for hypertensive is pure water, and infusion herbs that have a slight diuretic effect (for example, extracts of bilberry leaf, bearberry, or bear’s ears). Strong tea and black coffee contraindicated only individual patients suffering from other diseases uncomplicated hypertension — in the event that these drinks clearly increases blood pressure, heartbeat quickens, break the rhythm of the heart, causing insomnia. Then it is better to use a potassium-rich coffee drinks from chicory, barley, rye. However, abuse strong coffee or tea (3-4 cups per day) does not follow anyone with hypertension.

Alcohol and hypertension. Heart health.

There is a directly proportional relationship between the amount of alcohol consumed and the level of blood pressure and prevalence of hypertension. In addition, alcohol can weaken the effect of lowering blood pressure medication.
On the other hand, it found that regular intake of alcoholic beverages in moderation reduces the risk of coronary heart disease. In this regard, cardiologists consider appropriate for hypertensive patients to reduce alcohol consumption by at least 20-30 grams of pure ethanol per day for men (this corresponds to 50-60 ml of vodka or 200-250 ml of dry wine or 500- 600 ml of beer) and 10-20 g of ethanol per day for women.

However, these recommendations are not calling for mandatory use of these amounts of alcohol in hypertension. It is especially necessary to emphasize that absolutely impermissible to combine these amounts of alcohol in a single dose if abstinence from alcohol for 7-10 days. The fact that such a drink in hypertension can trigger stroke. It should be remembered that alcohol has effects unpredictable for the body.


Heart health.

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