Heartburn drinks.

Heartburn drinks.

1. Aloe leaf is turned into pulp. A teaspoon of the mass is stirred in half a glass of water at room temperature and consumed in the presence of belching with rotten eggs.

2. If signs of discomfort are mild, it is recommended to drink honey milk. A tablespoon of goodies falls on a cup of milk. Use in the morning and evening. Treatment within a month allows you to permanently overcome an unpleasant condition.

3. First aid for heartburn, especially constant, — the so-called «pop.» To use soda. Prepare a remedy from a third of a glass of boiled water, a quarter of a teaspoon of citric acid or lemon juice, half a dessert spoon of baking soda.

Using this recipe on an ongoing basis is dangerous, since soda relieves symptoms, but does not cure the root cause of discomfort. Once in the body, soda really helps to get rid of a burning sensation, but after a while the symptoms return with greater severity.

4. Another recipe with soda looks like this: half a dessert spoon of soda and a similar amount of apple cider vinegar are dissolved in a glass of liquid. As soon as the drink starts to sizzle, drink immediately. Throats make small.

5. In a ratio of one to five combine plantain juice and pure moisture. Drink a glass four times. Allows you to get rid of belching.
Treatment cannot be carried out with increased blood coagulation.

6. Freshly squeezed cabbage juice helps protect the stomach from the negative effects of hydrochloric acid. Drink it should be two large spoons at a time, repeating three times a day. In this case, the juice can be diluted with water and add a little honey to it.
The remedy is dangerous if, in addition to human heartburn, pain in the upper abdomen disturbs, diarrhea is observed, and nausea pests.

7. If heartburn occurs during pregnancy, the use of a weak rice drink is recommended. A handful of peeled rice is boiled for about ten minutes in two glasses of moisture. In strained form they are divided into three times and drunk during the day.
Rice broth fastens, which is completely unacceptable during the period of bearing a child.

Heartburn drinks.

8. In a liter of boiled chilled liquid, a teaspoon of table vinegar is bred. Drink per day. Therapy should be carried out in the presence of pronounced symptoms.

9. During pregnancy, heartburn should be treated with a honey drink — in a glass of warm water, a tablespoon of linden honey. They drink three glasses a day.

10. Half a dessert spoon of ash from white birch bark is bred with a cup of warm water. Drink with severe heartburn.

11. In 200 milliliters of boiling water, a yarrow bunch is kept overnight. After a couple of large spoons of sugar and a pinch of yeast are introduced. The day is stored in a warm place, and then filtered. Clean the drink in the refrigerator. They are used for symptoms of severe heartburn for fifteen milliliters three times.

12. A third of the cup mix freshly squeezed juices of carrots, beets and apples. Drink at a time. Therapy should not be continued for more than a week.

13. A tablespoon of cornmeal is added to a glass of warm water and allowed to stand overnight. Have a drink in the morning. After the procedure, lie down for twenty minutes.

14. One hundred milliliters of juice of viburnum and aloe is mixed, 50 ml of honey are introduced and the mixture is added to a mug of warm liquid. Use three times in half a glass.

15. If there is bitterness in the mouth, it is indicated to drink fresh goat milk. Previously, it is slightly heated.

Heartburn drinks.

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