Heartburn gastritis.

Heartburn, gastritis and folk ways of their healing.

First, gastritis is an inflammation of the gastric mucosa.
It happens from rough, salty, hot and poor-quality food, which manifests itself after a while with heartburn, nausea, acidic eructations and sometimes even vomiting. Heartburn, gastritis.

Heartburn gastritis.

With this disease, you can not eat sour, salted, or fatty.
Very conducive to the appearance of gastritis and poor in calories food, or, conversely, excessively greasy, fried. And also alcohol and tobacco.

I myself suffered for a long time from heartburn, when I was not yet 20 years old.
And the culprit was alcohol.

Here I, for example, from so frequent libations the gastric mucosa inflamed.
Heartburn started, so much so that you could not eat anything — neither hot nor cold, immediately everything is puffed up in the throat and chest. At first I besieged heartburn cold milk, sometimes ate a soft (clean) chalk. However, all these home methods of treatment brought only a short-term relief.

Heartburn gastritis.

According to the recommendations experienced, I drank different compounds — soda (a teaspoon for a glass of boiled water), aloe juice and a very nasty juice of raw potatoes.

It helped, of course, for a while, but did not cure the disease at all. Maybe someone has a different experience, but now I’m talking about what happened to me.

In the winter, when there were fewer cases, he applied to the district and city hospitals.
There, with the help of analysis of gastric juice and X-ray, they recognized that I have chronic gastritis, and recommended a sparing, i.e. Milk and vegetable diet, drink alkaline mineral water — Essentuki, Borjomi and others, so that there is no aggressiveness of the stomach.

Heartburn gastritis.

Other doctors from the official medicine advised me to drink distilled water, i.e. treated for three weeks with hunger.
But in those days «hunger-therapy» was not in vogue, and I did not agree, looking for more simple and affordable therapies.
And I tried many new methods and methods of traditional medicine in this field, while studying myself and my features of the disease.

Has stopped even to drink, is acute, irritating for a stomach food, decreased physical activity.
But it is not always possible to comply with all the rules, although I sincerely tried a lot work on themselves, so as not to violate either the regime or the diet.

Heartburn gastritis.

So I tortured a year and a half or two, unsuccessfully accepting one or another recommendation — a drug from official medicine or another semi-official healer.

One sorceress even put the jars on my stomach, believing that my stomach was lowered — by the way, here, too, you need to observe a certain regimen.
And my only illness helped me as a result of my illness.

He was recommended by an elderly, 90-year-old healer, specializing in manual therapy. This composition consists of 6 components:
Everything is taken in a glass — fresh cream, sugar, vodka, butter, natural honey and the same glass of strong brewed Georgian or Indian tea.

All components must be drained in cast iron for 2-3 liters or in ceramic ware, mix well.
Then, cover this pot with a second pot or cast-iron, carefully wrap it in a dough so as not to let in air, and leave the steam, put it in a melted Russian oven and soak it for 24 hours (you can do it in the oven).
After such evaporation and languor, I drank this incomparable the composition of a tablespoon 3-4 times a day for 15-20 minutes before meals.

The taste of this composition was unrepeatable.
I prepared the described drug only once — enough for a week 2-3.
And everything went completely and completely. I did not even have to repeat myself for the prevention of treatment. Try and you.


Heartburn, gastritis.

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