Heartburn tinctures.

Heartburn tinctures.

The duration of home-made tinctures should not exceed two weeks. In chronic pathology, the course is resumed after several months.

1. At home, prepare a 15% alcohol tincture of propolis. Fifteen grams of the product are put in the refrigerator for solidification. After crushed into small fragments and sent to a container of opaque glass. There also add 90 ml of alcohol 70%. For one and a half weeks they are stored in a dark place, shaking occasionally. With severe heartburn, a dessert spoon of tincture is diluted with a cup of milk at room temperature, divided into several portions and drunk for an hour. The course does not continue for more than two weeks.

2. Seeds of ordinary anise in the amount of a large handful are pounded and poured with a liter of vodka. A month later, add a pinch of sugar and cinnamon powder. Withstand the day and filter. Drink a glass after each meal.
Such treatment is contraindicated for allergy sufferers. Otherwise, anaphylactic shock may occur and suffocation may occur.

3. The crushed gentian root of the cross-shaped in the amount of thirty grams is poured with a liter of strong wine and left for three weeks. Drink a glass a day.

Heartburn tinctures

4. With increased acidity, tincture of tradescantia is prepared. Pour 200 g of raw materials with 500 ml of high-quality vodka for six days. After squeezing the raw materials, use a teaspoon in the morning on an empty stomach. After a couple of months of such treatment, discomfort goes away forever.
Too long treatment and overdose of tinctures lead to nausea.

5. Pine resin is placed in a glass container. Pour vodka in such a way as to completely cover the raw materials. Watch for the dissolution of the resin, adding a new portion. When the fluid becomes viscous, begin treatment — five milliliters in the morning on an empty stomach. After a week, you can double the dose.

6. In a glass container determine one hundred grams of dried mint. Bay of 500 ml of vodka, kept away from the sun for two weeks. Filter. Use ten milliliters after breakfast and dinner.

7. Two tablespoons are added to 600 ml of vodka. l wormwood herbs. It is kept in a place remote from sunlight for one and a half weeks. Filter and use five drops four times.
Wormwood tincture should not be used without medical prescription.

8. With gastritis, tincture of calamus for alcohol helps to relieve burning sensation in the chest and stomach: half a pack of raw materials (bought in a pharmacy) for 500 ml of vodka is kept for two weeks. Drink a tablespoon of funds at the time of the attack.

Heartburn tinctures

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