Heartburn — treatment of folk remedies.


In ordinary life, heartburn occurs in a variety of cases, with very different ages of people.

Therefore, treatment of heartburn folk remedies in demand than ever, especially since, as in our lives began to actively go fast food «in all its glory,» and the culture of healthy food has receded into the background.

Traditional recommendations.

If you have a heartburn, traditional medicine recommends not to rush for expensive drugs. The more that you first need to pay attention to the correct power.

Too fatty and fried foods, as well as excessively spicy food, even in a healthy person can trigger heartburn, not to mention people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

One of the best ways to prevent and reduce the attacks without drugs — is proper nutrition.

Treatment of heartburn folk remedies simple begins to avoid harmful foods from the diet (at least temporarily). Keep in mind that heartburn can still emerge from the tomatoes, sour berries and chocolate. Compliance with a simple diet will also be very useful.

A diet against heartburn

Follow these simple guidelines:

Drink as little as possible of strong coffee, alcoholic and carbonated beverages, too strong tea.

To reduce acid secretion in the stomach, eat as little sugar as possible.

Try to eat several times a day (up to six times) in small portions rather than have one or two times a lot. It normalizes the secretion of gastric juice.

Take your time there. Give each meal to an hour to assimilate the food is good. Carefully chew food, and do not rush.

Eat foods that contain plenty of complex carbohydrates: bread, bran, brown rice, wheat pasta. Isolation of acid stabilized.

Eat buckwheat fasting as often as possible.

At the first sign of heartburn can also eat a little grated carrot. This is a good home remedy for heartburn without difficulty and without side effects.

Traditional recipes for heartburn treatment — you can read HERE



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