Help for Diabetes.

Help for Diabetes.

In the treatment of diabetes folk medicine can be of great help. For insulin-dependent patients — to reduce the amount of insulin administered, reduce the risk of all kinds of complications, at the initial
stage, herbs are able to maintain blood sugar levels at normal levels without pills.

Of course, diet is very important here. It is also important that phytotherapy, increasingly recommended by endocrinologists, helps normalize metabolism and restore the cells of the pancreas, which produce insulin.

What plants are suitable for this purpose?

First of all, it is worth using plants that have
Insulin-like plants such as the bramble, bean pods, mulberry leaf, sage, elecampane and dandelion (roots).

A common, but little used, herb, such as the plant
but little used plant like milk thistle.

For Pancreatic cell repair You can use the roots of licorice and galega:

— 20 grams of crushed dried grass galega pour 250 ml of boiling water, 2 hours keep in a warm place. Take the prepared infusion three times
A day, 1 tbsp. spoon.

A great role in preventing or eliminating A great role in preventing or controlling complications from diabetes is played by products that cleanse and Herbs that cleanse and strengthen blood vessels, such as horse chestnut, Dioscorea roots, Mistletoe White, and Sophora.

Herbs are used in the form of tinctures.

To reduce sugar

— Blueberry leaf — 50 g, leaf nettle, elderberry flowers — 25 g each.
Pour . 1 tbsp of the collection of 200 ml of water, boil on a water bath for 15 minutes,
After 30 minutes of infusion Strain. The resulting 150 ml of broth drink during the day.

— Horsetail herb, herb Strawberry — 25 g each, herb mountaineer Bird’s wort — 50 g. Pour 2 tablespoons of the collection of 500 ml of water, to insist within an hour. Within an hour. Infusion to take 2 cups during the day.

Normalize the work of the pancreas

The best way to cope with this is our native dandelion, and Also topinambur. All parts of the dandelion can be used for this purpose. Its parts: you can use the flowers and leaves in salads in combination with other greens and vegetables.

Infusions and decoctions of dandelion root improve digestion, stimulate
Bile production, normalize bowel peristalsis, reduce cholesterol.

— The best preparation is a cold infusion: 2 tsp. Grinded root pour 1 cup water, keep in a cold place for 8 hours. In a cold place for 8 hours and drink during the day in several stages.

Topinambur tubers are very tasty in different dishes. It is possible to make «coffee» from the roots
of these plants to make «coffee» by drying and slightly browning them in a pan or oven, and then grind them in a coffee grinder.

To restore the metabolism

It is useful to take tonic herbal remedies: tinctures of ginseng root, leuzea 20 drops orally three times a day Before meals; tincture of zamanicha 30 to 40 drops orally three times a day. 40 drops orally three times a day, eleutherococcus liquid extract
2 ml liquid extract 30 minutes before meals

Burdock (root) increases the secretion of pancreatic enzymes, increases the secretion bile, improves bowel motility, helps with metabolism.

— Burdock infusion: 40 grams of crushed dried burdock roots pour 300 ml boiling water, insist In a thermos for 2 hours. Drink during the day.

Sweet but healthy!

Stevia improves liver and pancreatic function, reduces levels of
glucose and cholesterol in the body.

In diabetes, it prevents the development of hypoglycemic and hyperglycemic states, thus allowing reduce the dose of insulin.

Now they sell not only Dried grass, but stevia syrup, which among other things is convenient Use as a sugar substitute.

Help for Diabetes.

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