Help with heartburn.

Help with heartburn.

A frequent companion of gastritis and ulcers is heartburn. Help with heartburn. When it makes itself felt from time to time, you can follow simple rules that prevent its renewal.

Do not drink black coffee, strong tea, citrus juice, carbonated and alcoholic beverages. Refuse from sharp, fried, fatty and salty foods, chocolate and especially from onions.

Do not smoke, especially after eating and on an empty stomach. Nicotine enhances the formation of gastric juice and increases its acidity.

In the next hour after a meal, do not perform actions that increase intra-abdominal pressure. For example, do not lift weights, do not run.

If heartburn occurs, drink a cup of ice water, a glass of alkaline mineral water without gas or just as much of a weak soda solution. A pinch of baking soda on a glass of warm boiled water is a soda solution. However, for regular use, the soda solution is not categorically suitable.


Doctors diagnosed gastritis with reduced acidity. Very unpleasant disease. Constant heaviness and pain in the stomach.
It’s a good thing that a very competent person came to see her, sympathized. He also suggested to her a method how to help himself without a pharmacy and expensive medicines in such a disease — gastritis with low acidity and cholecystitis.

He says that now is just summer and it’s time to be treated.
For treatment, leaves of an ordinary dandelion are needed. More precisely, the juice from them. It is necessary to collect the leaves and wash them very well. Squeeze out the juice on the juicer. Then dilute half a glass of juice, too, half a cup of boiled water. Boil for about five minutes under a closed lid on a slow fire.

Drink the medicine 3 times a day for a tablespoon 45 minutes before eating. The course should be continued for 21 days to work. After the first course, you will feel better. After a month, you can repeat the three-week course to consolidate the result.


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