Helps nagging.

Helps nagging.

Over the years, most of my family members have been suffering from gastritis. The course of taking pills, of course, relieved pain for a while. Discomfort also disappeared. But it was not possible to get rid of the illness completely.

What is gastritis know very many. The disease is extremely unpleasant. Especially since it can easily develop into an ulcer. Salvation prompted one of my friends. Once we talked, and he told how he himself once got rid of gastritis and heartburn.

I was skeptical at first. Why not just hear enough. But with the next attack, I remembered and thought — I would venture. After all, the components are harmless, suddenly help.

And it helped. After the first course gastritis stopped to remind myself. After experimenting with himself he cured his wife. With a stubborn son, however, I had to suffer. I did not want to go through the full course Relieved and stopped
drink medicine. And after a while gastritis resumes.

But in the end, and he was cured.
The recipe is. It is necessary to take a full tablespoon of shredded root of elecampane. Pour 0.5 liters of vodka. Insist 7 days in a dark place. You need to take, without drinking, a tablespoon for 20-30 minutes before eating. Full course is 1 liter of tincture. It is necessary to accept means without interruption. Otherwise, the effect may not be complete. I hope that this method will help other people.

Medicated oil for a sick stomach.

In principle, any natural butter will help relieve pain. Soothe the “naughty” stomach due to its enveloping properties. However, for a truly therapeutic effect, it makes sense to cook the oil according to a special recipe.

The cooking process is not complicated. You will need 200 g of softened butter, 1 tsp of yarrow herb, 1 tsp of herb St. John’s wort, 1 tbsp. spoon flowers marigold. Fresh or dry raw materials of herbs (for example, purchased in a pharmacy) must be crushed into powder. The easiest way to use a coffee grinder. Then mix the resulting powder with butter.

Half a regular piece of black, best wheat or buckwheat bread spread 1 teaspoon of herbal oil. Eat half an hour before meals. Chew thoroughly.

This sandwich is considered an excellent remedy for a sick stomach. After all, herbs, especially St. John’s Wort, serve as a good painkiller. Oil envelops the stomach. Black bread stimulates the secretion of gastric juice.

Helps nagging.

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