Hemlock against cancer.

A popular cancer treatment.

Hemlock against cancer.

Tishchenko Method (royal technique) allows you to achieve better results in the fight with cancer, as in the formula met all proportion. The treatment lasts several months to begin to recover and purify the body. Hemlock against cancer.

Hemlock against cancer.

Hemlock tincture must be taken in the form of a ladder — from 1 to 40 drops, then in the opposite direction. Changing the dose should be one drop daily. For noticeable results take at least 2 courses.


When liver cancer can be used at different stages of the hemlock. If the body is very weak, it is better to use water tincture. To do this, dissolve 0.6 g of the dry powder hemlock in 350 ml of boiling water. Brew the grass should be in the evening, in the morning to drink half a medication before breakfast. The second part to use just before bedtime. In this case must be an early supper and easy.

Important! These recommendations are relevant and lung cancer.


For the treatment of gastric cancer is better to use the infusion of hemlock young shoots — they are not so much irritate the intestines. This tool instantly eliminates pains.

The dose of the drug should be gradually increased to 15 drops. Then this amount you can stop to take to reduce tumor size.

Important! Neoplasms of the adrenal glands and other types of cancer is necessary, in addition to taking tinctures hemlock tincture cinquefoil.

Hemlock does not appear metastasis, the tumor is not growing in size, but not fully resolved. Potentilla makes tumor cells permeable envelope antibodies to the tumor can easily penetrate and destroy it.

When co-administered infusions hemlock tincture should be taken 4 times a day. To begin receiving one drop per dose, gradually bringing the number of drops to 5. At this dosage you need to drink the medicine until they are cured.

After two hours should take 5 ml of tincture cinquefoil. If the body responds well, you can increase the dose to 12 ml.

Tishchenko method helps men with adenoma.

Important! Drugs with hemlock should not be taken during chemotherapy.


Hemlock against cancer.

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