Hemorrhoid fissure.

Paraproctitis fast treatment.

Hemorrhoid fissure.

Paraproctitis is a disease characterized by inflammation and suppuration of the surrounding tissues of the rectum. Occurs as a result of the penetration of bacterial infection from the lumen of the rectum through the anal glands of the bottom of the Morgan Crypts into the deep layers of the pararectal area. Hemorrhoid fissure.

Hemorrhoid fissure.

Recently I have cured paraproctitis for 3 days. What was surprised. After all 3 years ago with a paraproctitis I have got for a week in hospital. The operation was under general anesthesia. Then a month was spent at the hospital at the proctologist and month at the neuropathologist.

And after that all the same 3 months was discomfort. And here for 3 days and no discomfort.
I did not feel like going to the hospital. So I began to try to treat myself.

The most important was steam heating. Milk boiled with onions. I added garlic — and over the steam I sat down and warmed myself. Cooled decoction, reheated.

Sometimes added St. John’s Wort. Brewed and hot grass applied. She made compresses with honey, grated onions, boiled onions, garlic and hydrogen peroxide.

All this alternated. And paraproctitis has resolved. In addition, I want to write that you could still treat calendula (lotions, enemas), ash (a sedentary bath with a decoction of ash). You could use carrots, beets, plantain, birch leaves.

Herbs instead of a scalpel.

Some people suffer from a rectal fissure for many years. All kinds of douching and even cauterization do not work. A doctors say that only surgery can help.

Try to consult an experienced herbalist. You will learn that with the help of herbs you can achieve scarring of cracks within a few days.

I did not believe it, but I still agreed to try it. And what was my surprise. After a week of herbal treatment, the doctor did not see my cracks. Inspired by my success, I gave my recipe to two women. They were sitting in line for the doctor. I asked to inform me about the results.

They, too, were able to cure herbs. So this recipe works. I can safely advise him all suffering from cracks in the rectum.

The recipe is this: mix 2 tbsp. spoons of St. John’s wort, 3 tbsp. spoons of blackberry leaves, 2 tbsp. spoons yarrow flowers, 2 tbsp. spoons of calendula flowers and 1 tbsp. a spoon of petals of a cornflower.

Take 3 tbsp. spoon mixture, pour 0.5 liters of water. Boil for 5 minutes. Then cool the broth and drain. This infusion should be syringed after each defecation, pouring in 0,5 l at a time.

And at night I additionally put microclism (only 2 cm3) from sea buckthorn oil.

Of course, the treatment is troublesome, but it allows you to avoid surgery — now I know for sure.


Hemorrhoid fissure.

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