Herbal tinctures for prostatitis.

Herbal tinctures for prostatitis.

1. In a ratio of one to ten, crushed ginseng roots and vodka are mixed. Insist seven days in a place remote from the sun. Drink twenty drops twice before meals, washed down with a small amount of pure moisture.

2. Combine 22 g of roots of Manchu aralia with 100 ml of vodka for eight days. In the treatment of chronic prostatitis, thirty two drops are taken three times. Water is bred in a proportion of one to five.
Tincture harms men with increased nervous excitability and is able to disturb sleep.

3. A liter of port pour 100 g of fennel fruit. Three weeks insist at home in the absence of sunlight. Drink ½ cup each time before eating.

4. Collect ants. A pinch is placed in a glass container and 200 ml of vodka are poured. Twenty-two days later, filtered. Take a dessert spoon three times, diluting with clean water.

5. Exacerbation of the disease in men can be treated with nettle tincture. There are two recipes. The first involves the use of port. Ten large spoons of nettle seeds are boiled for about five minutes in a liter of port. They let it brew for a day. Take 1 tbsp. l every six hours until the end of the funds. Second recipe: 50 grams of washed and chopped nettle roots are poured with a half liter of vodka for twenty days. After filtering, they consume a couple of large spoons per day.

Herbal tinctures for prostatitis.

6. One hundred grams of a red brush for three weeks insist in a liter of vodka. Take forty drops per day, adding to a glass of water. The prescription helps in the treatment of the chronic type of disease.

7. A handful of chopped roots of Echinacea is kept for two weeks in a liter of medical alcohol. After straining, the treatment is performed three times a day, taking thirty drops before meals.

8. Ten grams of chopped ginger root is mixed with 100 ml of alcohol for several weeks. Drink after filtering fifteen drops before meals, repeating twice a day. It is advisable to drink water.

9. Take a «box» of ripened bleached seeds. Mix after grinding with a half liter of vodka. Three weeks stored in a dark corner. Drink a dessert spoon twice a day, diluted with water.
Regular use of tincture leads to repeated vomiting, causes dizziness and convulsions.

Herbal tinctures for prostatitis.

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