Hernia of the intervertebral disc.

Hernia of the intervertebral disc.

Hernia of the intervertebral disc lends itself to folk medicine. You can apply anti-inflammatory herbs, compresses, rubbing, massages, baths and even special exercises. The treatment consists in the need to relieve inflammation, increase blood circulation and restore the integrity of the intervertebral disc. You can not start the disease, it will ultimately lead to the operating table.

1) Amanita — a tool not for the faint of heart
Having met this mushroom in the forest, everyone is in a hurry to get a camera and photograph a handsome man. Few people would think of cutting it and putting it in a basket. Meanwhile, this bright poisonous forest inhabitant is an excellent remedy for back pain caused by pinching of nerve roots. Healers from time immemorial used patients with tincture of fly agaric, curing them of severe pain.

Not every fly agaric is suitable for a potion, but exclusively red. From strong young mushrooms take only hats. They need to be finely chopped, folded into a glass wine bottle. Tightly plug the cork and send it overnight in the oven to the lowest possible temperature. So that the bottle does not burst, they put it in a cold oven, only then turn on the fire. Underneath you need to put something fireproof, such as a sheet of foil.

Shake the resulting mixture the next morning from the bottle and wipe thoroughly through a fine sieve. Transfer the resulting mass into sterile jars and put in a cool dark place. To rub a sick back every night at night, and then wrap it up. Healers say that fly agaric ointment helps even in the most severe cases.

Important! Amanita is poisonous. Work with him only with gloves. You can’t allow children to him, especially small ones. Inside, it is strictly forbidden.

Hernia of the intervertebral disc.

2) One of the strongest remedies for intervertebral hernia
Birch is one of the most beloved trees in the people. But they loved her not only for harmony and beauty. This tree is a true universal doctor. Birch helps with many diseases, including intervertebral hernia. In this case, compresses with young leaves and ointment from the kidneys are used.

Birch compresses

Compresses from the leaves do this: you need to pick more leaves of birch, you can, along with twigs. The younger the leaves, the better. Steam them with boiling water. When it is slightly cooled, you need to cover the sore spot with a thick layer of birch leaves with twigs and wrap it up properly.

Put the patient to bed for a couple of hours. Soon there will be a strong sweat, as if a person was steaming in a bath. Need a little patience. When perspiration decreases, carefully remove the compress, wipe it dry and rub the patient until the birch tincture or ointment becomes red. Rub with strong, but careful movements, so as not to injure the spine. The main attention is paid to the muscles around the ridge, that is, they try to relax them.

Do this procedure strictly before bedtime. Even the slightest drafts should not be allowed. Usually, a few procedures are enough to stop the intervertebral hernia.

Birch tincture

To make tincture, you need to grind the birch buds and pour alcohol. Proportion to take 1:10. Insist 3 weeks, not forgetting to periodically shake. Rub the sore back at night and warm. Avoid drafts!

Birch ointment

Ointment from birch buds is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. It acts no worse than injections and tablets, while not affecting the liver. To make the ointment you will need:
• clay pot;
• Birch buds;
• fresh homemade butter.
Lay oil and kidneys in layers in a pot. The bottom and top layer should be oil. The thickness of each layer is about one and a half centimeter.
When the pot is full, it should be coated with rye dough and put in the oven at minimum temperature overnight. In the morning, wipe through a sieve and arrange in glass jars. Banks should be kept closed, in a cool place, protected from direct sunlight. Rub the sore spot before going to bed.

3) Massage with honey
Very useful with intervertebral hernia massage. It is made with stroking movements, trying not to put pressure on the spine. Shown massage with honey and essential oil of cedar, fir or pine. Mix honey with a few drops of oil and rub your back.
Important! Before proceeding to the massage, it is necessary to consult a doctor. With some types of spinal hernia, massages are contraindicated. It is advisable that a massage be done by a specialist.

Hernia of the intervertebral disc.

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