Herpes compresses.

Herpes compresses.

Applying compresses to the affected areas of the skin of the face, body and head occurs at home until the symptoms are resolved.

1. Treatment of genital herpes is performed with geranium oil. Three drops are diluted in one hundred milliliters of moisture, moistened with a gauze dressing and applied to the affected area for half an hour three times a day.

2. From the girdle of the disease on the body, this compress helps: a tablespoon of lemon balm for half an hour is insisted in a glass of boiling water, after filtering, a piece of cotton cloth is moistened in the infusion. Impose on the painful area, leaving for thirty minutes, three times a day.

3. In the juice of Kalanchoe or Aloe moisten a cotton pad. Used for application to sore spots with a defect on the face, including on the lips, on the chin and on the nose. The recipe is recommended for pathological vesicles on the scalp.

4. With herpes on the lips, for five minutes on the outbreak leave menthol toothpaste. Sessions are conducted up to four times in twenty-four hours.

5. Break the raw chicken egg. A film is taken from the inner surface of the shell. Impose on a defect localized on the face, especially on the cheek or nose, leaving three times for ten minutes.

6. To treat the disease on the buttock or on the penis, they use this broth: in 200 milliliters of milk, twenty grams of birch buds are boiled for five minutes. The raw materials are squeezed, wrapped in a piece of gauze and applied to the lesion sites for fifteen minutes. Repeat up to three times a day.

Herpes compresses.

7. Equally mix chamomile tea and propolis tincture. Tissue soaked in the composition up to five times a day is applied to the lesion.

8. Take twenty-five grams of birch buds. Pour a glass of alcohol 70%. They are kept away from the light for two weeks. After that they are used to wet gauze dressings, which are superimposed on the site of the virus lesion for an hour twice a day.

9. In a valokordin or cologne, a cotton pad is moistened. For half an hour they apply to the site of the lesion. The session is carried out in the morning and in the evening.
During the procedure, a strong burning sensation will be felt.

10. A large clove of garlic is cut into two parts. Apply to the affected area of ​​the skin, leaving for ten minutes. If necessary, repeat twice a day.
The result of this treatment is a burn, dry lips and an unpleasant smell coming from the patient. In addition, the likelihood of relapse increases.

11. Take a small slice of fresh ginger root. Press lightly with your fingers to stand out the juice. Apply a slice to the skin at the site of the defect. The procedure lasts up to twenty minutes, is repeated several times in twenty-four hours.

12. Pour a tablespoon of baking soda into a glass of boiling water. Five minutes later, remove from heat and allow to cool. The solution is wetted with a napkin. Apply to the skin affected by herpes, leaving for an hour. After the procedure is carried out again, and so all day. Treatment allows you to quickly overcome the symptoms of the virus.
The only way soda can help is to get rid of the redness and crusts remaining after the illness.

13. If the virus appears on the lip, it is moistened with water and sprinkled with salt. Cover with gauze and wait about fifteen minutes. After the skin in the place of the compress is washed with water and moisturized with a baby cream. Instead of table salt, you can use sea salt. In any case, performing compresses twice a day, you will be able to overcome the bubbles as soon as possible.

14. At the first sign of a problem on the face, the vesicles are sprinkled with streptocide powder. Overlay gauze and wait one hour. After the skin is washed with water.
It is better not to use the recommended remedy yourself, because it has a number of unpleasant side effects: nausea, vomiting, allergies.

15. Juice is extracted from fresh aspen leaves. The fabric moistened in it is applied for a short time to the desired area. It is used if herpes has formed on the cheek, on the buttocks, on the neck, on the forehead, etc.

Herpes compresses.

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