Herpes treatment.

Herpes! herpes treatment.

Herpes treatment, lip herpes.

Today, about 90% of the population are infected with the herpes simplex virus — this is the herpes that causes «cold» on the lips. Caution: herpes! herpes treatment.
In most cases, a herpes virus breeds in the ganglia in an inactive state, but there is a person in adverse conditions causing stress the body’s defenses, as the virus is activated. One of these precipitating factors could be pregnancy, which is a strong stress for the body. What is dangerous herpes virus during pregnancy?

Dangerous virus. 

Worst of all, if the first meeting with the herpes virus occurs during pregnancy. In this case, in the blood of women do not have antibodies to the virus. Placenta virus can penetrate the body of the child. In the first trimester of pregnancy when the primary herpes infection is high probability of miscarriage.

Furthermore, in this period, the virus can cause various defects fetal development. A serious danger for the child shall be a primary infection with herpes simplex virus, and in the third trimester.

If a woman was ill with herpes or carrier of the virus before pregnancy, the threat to the fetus is minimal because it is protected by maternal antibodies.
What must be done to a pregnant woman, in order to minimize the risk of meeting with a dangerous virus?
First of all, you need to do the analysis for the presence of antibodies to the herpes virus. it
He will tell if a woman is infected before it was and how well the body is protected at the moment.
If the analysis shows that before pregnancy, a woman was not infected, you need to beware of struggling against infection. If antibodies to the herpes virus in the blood, do not have to beware of infection, and from worsening, and if all the aggravation occurs — must be treated.

Than to treat future mother? 

Unfortunately, the methods currently radical cure herpes exists. Some methods exposed to the virus, while others — in the immune system. And it is not all good for a pregnant woman. Expectant mother must be treated under the guidance of a doctor.

Normally used to treat herpes antiherpethetical ointments and creams
for application to lesions foci (acyclovir — 5 times a day for 5-7
days). Rash can be lubricated interferon solution (2-3 times per day
for 5-7 days). Vitamin E in solution promotes faster healing of ulcers.

Moms can use and folk remedies: fir oil lubrication (2-3 times per day), softening brown chamomile cream or ointment of calendula.

Excellent prevention of herpes is washing and wiping the whole body sea salt solution. The fact that the salt does not like herpes skin. Create the right climate at home — one that does not like a virus. This requires not only regular airing of apartments, Wet cleaning, elemental purity, but also garlic inhalation of air: suppress multiple
cloves fresh garlic, lay on the folded cheesecloth and place in the room.

Therapeutic diets. 

The specialists have developed a special diet, which reduces the frequency of exacerbations of herpes. It is a diet with a high content of essential amino acids — lysine. It is proved that getting into the body, lysine replaces another amino acid — arginine. On chemical structure they are like two twin brother. The herpes virus «wrong» and builds new viruses are not from the arginine and lysine of that can be compared, as the construction of houses in the sand rather than concrete.
Such viruses are killed immediately, that is, the reproduction stops. Lysine prevents the spread of the virus and reduce the number of herpes sores.
Most of lysine include dairy products.
Recommended daily eat yogurt containing live bacteria. useful
as fish, chicken, pork, lots of fruits and vegetables, eggs. It is important to have during the day, and foods containing protein, and dishes of fruit and vegetables.
In this case, the body maintains an optimum acid-alkaline balance. Many of lysine in green fruits and vegetables, zucchini, pumpkin, melon.

For herpes harmful products are peanuts and other nuts, seeds, chocolate, raisin grapes and certain cereals including wheat bread, and citrus.


Herpes treatment.

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